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May 5, 2008
Attention attention! BitStarz Casino has gotten rid of currency speed bumps! That is of course good news.
Although this casino always strived to ensure that all their games supported betting in cryptocurrencies, some of their game providers only support fiat currency.

The reasons for a game provider not to support cryptocurrencies are numerous and range from preference to legal compliance.
However, the net result is consistent: you as a crypto player cannot play certain games. Well, that limitation is a thing of the past.

This casino is now ensuring that their players have the widest possible selection of games, introducing in-game currency conversion.
Now I'll tell you how it works!

Suppose you make a deposit in BTC and you want to play a game that does not support betting on cryptocurrencies.
When you start the game, they will give you a suggestion of a fiat currency with which you can start betting.

In the background, your BTC balance will be converted to your selected fiat currency using the latest exchange rates.

For example, when you place a 1 USD bet,
your game balance will be reduced according to your stake, and your main casino balance will be reduced by the BTC equivalent according to the latest exchange rates.
The entire process is seamless for the player, allowing you to enjoy all of their 5,000 games regardless of your base currency.

They currently offer conversions from crypto to USD, EUR, RUB or NZD. You can choose which one you prefer to gamble on

So pick your game and play!

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