Rival Casino"s?

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Jun 1, 2008
Has anyone ever hit anything at one of there casino"s? This group always seems to have great bonuses and the odd free chip,but i sure dont hear of anyone cashing out.
oh dogbites
there are many cashing out
Vicky is one of them.
I find the Rivals are good casinos
but not all have same terms, terms are indivudial for each casino
check before you claim a bonus.
i could have cashed out if i was willing to deposit another $25 from my neteller account, but i dont have that kind of money even though i could cashout after that, but my bank wouldnt like that, so i just had to play them.

So even though i could deposit there next time i got money i wont, it was the first time i won anything to cashout, and i used to play at pantasia to, but never hit anything
I had some nice cashouts at this is vegas and simon says.

It looks to me like one hits nothing or big...
I dont think there cash-out rate is that high.If you think about what kind of bonuses they can offer you just about daily.But just like any other casino you either hit or you dont.

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