Royal Vegas Mobile Casino New Slots - July, 2014



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May 27, 2008
Royal Vegas Mobile Casino released 3 new incredible Videoslots!

Don't you just love the mobile version from Royal Vegas Casino? It has so many nice casino games to choose from and this month they
have release 3 more games! I am sure that you already know these slots, from the Royal vegas Download Viper Casino.
The New slot games are the Katmandu, Summetime and the Grand Journey Slot!

The Kathmandu slot has been definitely one of my favorite casino slots, as it was one of my first slots that I did try out at an online Casino! I does not have a bonus
round, but you can win free spins with a multiplier up to 8 times! The free spins can really retrigger a lot of times and I am sure that many people have won big times at this slot.
The Summertime is also a nice looking summery slot and has also a free spins round which you could win!
The Grand Journey Slot is full with strong girls, that you do not wish to fight!

So, if you wanna Indulge in a mystical world of adventure straight from your mobile in the Kathmandu slot, or soak up to sun in the hot slot Summertime!
Play them wherever you are, and experience the awesomeness for yourself at the Royal Vegas Mobile Casino! If you would like to know how to install the
Mobile Casino, simply visit the Royal Vegas Website where you'll find lots of use full information.

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