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Jun 4, 2008
Pacific Coast
I hope this isn't old news to Y'all, I haven't kept up with things lately. I found out that the RTG CASINO'S have brought back a dispute service. This could be exciting news IF it stays honest, and that remains to be seen.
Anyway I know a lot of you have disputes with RTG'S so here is the link to the service. If anyone uses this and has some results, wether good or bad, please come back and let us all know!
well I am sorry, I can't seem to create the link, so copy and paste. Listen!!! Remember to let us know the results please!
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yes dear, thanks for posting it
I been reading this too
its good they did bring that back,
bettet than nothing, lol
but still, this does not mean, you can now trust any RTG.
Please be careful everyone,
if you like RTG Casinos then play at good ones
below is a link of RTG Casinos where we play ourselves and where we know that they do pay and have fair terms.

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