Rules for Bonus Paradise's private Poker Freerolls

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May 3, 2008
Rules for our Poker Freerolls

Unfortunately, We have had many password thieves and password sharers lately for our private freerolls and to put it bluntly, Bonus Paradise is tired of this, and will no longer tolerate this.

So, Now we have made even stricter rules and These rules will be enforced completely for now on, NO EXCEPTIONS!

We Do not like to do this, but we feel like we have no choice.
We are trying to protect our members at Bonus Paradise and keep it fair for the Exceptional members we have here that contribute to our forum. These freerolls are a reward and a thank you from us, for all the members that support our sponsors, makes contributing posts on the forum, and try and make our Forum better than it is already.

These freerolls are NOT for people passing through to get a password for our games, and share it with the rest of the world by giving it to other players or posting on these so-called forums that encourage stealing freeroll passwords for their forums gain. This takes away from all the hard work of Bonus Paradise Staff members who put alot of effort into setting up and scheduling these games and also takes away from the loyal members who have done everything correctly to qualify for these freerolls.

Bonus Paradise has put together a few rules for our poker leagues And freerolls. These rules are put in place to help protect our games here at Bonus Paradise from password thieves, and make it somewhat fair for all of our loyal members that contribute to the forum on a weekly basis. The Rules are pretty simple, so please read the following.

1. Any freeroll Bonus Paradise uses a password for, you will need at least 15 quality posts and have been a member of the Bonus Paradise forum for at least 10 days (date of freeroll counts to determine) to receive a pm with the password.

2. Passwords are for your eyes only. This means if we find out that you have shared our password or someone else has given it to you, then you will be banned from future freerolls and possibly from our forum. Password Sharing and theft will NOT be tolerated at Bonus Paradise. Also, if you are reported for asking others for the password because you did not recieve a pm from a staff member, you will recieve 1 warning about this, and anymore reports will result in you being banned from our freerolls.

3. Bonus Paradise has started using tickets or coupons for most of our leagues and freerolls to cut down on password theft and sharing. Please be advised that you will also need at least 10 quality posts as well to recieve entry to our tournaments with a ticket or coupon.

4. Please take note that we usually will close the thread of a given tournament a day or 2 before the game to ensure everyone gets registered as we submit a player list. If you want to play our games, please post in the given thread early as possible to lessen the chance of you getting left out of the game. Because most of our games are scheduled on a weekend, please note that most of the affiliate managers do not work weekends, and the earlier you post you want to play, the less of a chance you get left out of a game because we could not correct a problem that may occur. This relates to freerolls and Leagues here at Bonus Paradise.

5. Please note that from time to time, we may allow, invite, or disallow certain players to play in our games if we choose. Sometimes these players may not have enough posts, but we reserve the right to allow whomever we want to play in our games. We have revised the rules a bit since most of our games are coupon or ticket issued, and this will eliminate password sharing or theft, and at least only registered members that post that they want to play will be able to do so.
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