RUnner, Runner - The movie about gambling



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Jun 1, 2008
It seems like just the other day I posted that they were making a movie about online gambling. Well, it's here and it's a bomb! Too bad.

But check out what one Celeb Blogger wrote about us online gamblers! Little do they know...

I didn’t even know what this mess was about until I looked up the plot on Wikipedia just now. This crap is about the dangerous and thrilling world of ONLINE GAMBLING?! Online gambling! I knew an online gambler and dude’s skin was grey from barely ever going outside (like mine!) and he’d only go outside to buy his meals (aka beer, Top Ramen and Totino’s Pizza Rolls) for the week at Costco. If they turned that dude’s everyday life into a movie, it would probably be a better movie than Runner Runner as long as Justin Timberlake didn’t star in it.

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May 3, 2008
I find it very pitty that they made a movie putting gambling in such a bad light.
Gambling is so much more, I had many good moments, many nice wins.
Just important that you know where to play, find reputable sites where you will get your money if you win.

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