Sad news for Kentucky residents - casinos have to lock accounts

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May 3, 2008
Guys, we just hear that Microgaming casinos will have to close accounts from players who reside in Kentucky.

As far I know did CasinoShare already send out e-mails to their players from KY.

Well I am really sad for all the affected player accounts.
I dont know where this should end with USA.
They want to control all it seems.

The reason for casinos locking now Kentuck you can find here
Kentucky want to seize 141 Gaming Domains!
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From the beginning of the Kentucky govenor sieze, I have been trying to keep up with the news of it. When it was first announced, there was plenty of news media coverage, but when the judge announced, that he needed more time, to look it over, it has been very quiet, other than comments make, in forums and what has been said by online gambling forums, but nothing official.
I know you said Microgamming Casinos will close Kentucky accounts, but does this include the Microgamming poker sites. If not, I would say, this would be a good time, for Kentuckians to try and withdrawl what they have in their accounts, because it seems that the poker sites will close their doors to them, in the early future.
As for now we do not know exact if all micro casinos are closing for KY
but all looks like they must do that.

About micro poker I am unsure, due they still fight about poker being skill , not?

In any case, I think noone will have troubles getting funds out of accounts in case the account must be locked. They sure notify everyone in good time.
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