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Jul 17, 2008
I am looking to play at sites that are very secure and will not steal me blind. What security features should I look for?

type "rogue casino" in your search engine and you will find many things you should know
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Well all online casino's you can find here ate bonus paradise are very legit!!
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Great question.

We at Bonus Paradise try our hardest to
bring our members the safest/securest
online gambling sites. All that are promoted,
we have found no fault. Occasionally an occurence will
happen, that is out of our control, but we try our hardest
to recitify it for the player. We encourage our members
to bring to our attention any and all experiences that have
happened. Whether they are good or bad. Fault of the player
or fault of the Casino, we try to have some finalization.
It enlightens us and our members also.​
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