Self-Exclusion from Online Casinos: Think Twice



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May 3, 2008
Here’s a true story:

Y., a regular player at online casino sites, visited a casino on the EveryMatrix gaming platform and had a few words with customer support because he wasn’t too happy with the terms
of one of the promotions. In a huff, Y. decided that he’d never want to come back to play at that site and activated the self-exclusion option, saying (untruthfully) that he had a gambling problem.

This meant that he effectively excluded himself from play at the website in the future.

But while this move may have given Y. a quick-fix of smug satisfaction, little did he know that he had started the ball rolling towards a much wider problem.
The moment that Y. self-excluded at one EveryMatrix casino, he essentially excluded himself from all of them.
He was thus locked out from some of the best online casinos in the industry.

This story should come as a warning to all players:

Use the self-exclusion button very carefully, after much consideration.
In fact, experts suggest that this option should ONLY be used if you think you have a gambling problem.

If you decide that you want to close your online casino account for one reason or another (not related to problem gambling), there are other ways and means to go about it.
It may happen, for example, that you aren’t too happy with the promotions being offered, not thrilled with the support, don’t like the games or think that the site’s loading times are slightly off.

Things like this happen in the online casino world all the time. The trick is not to make decisions that are irreversible.
Hitting the self-exclusion button in anger won’t make things better. It could only make things a lot more complicated for you in the future.

If you find yourself with any of the above problems, we suggest that you email the online casino, let them know why you wish to close your account and then save the email correspondence.
You may need it in the future, but you are also safe-guarding your entry into other online casinos which are deserving of your custom.

And while we are on the subject of exclusion from EveryMatrix casinos, there is something that all players should keep in mind. If you cheat at one of these casinos,
you will be reported for fraud across all casinos on this platform, and you will be excluded from play. We’d like to think that nobody will cheat at online casinos,
but if the thought has crossed your mind or if you are tempted to abuse casino bonuses, think hard before you do so.

Not only will you be kept out of EveryMatrix online casinos – all of them! – but there is also a chance that your reputation as a cheat may come
before you and if EveryMatrix decides to share its cheat list with other operators, you could find yourself kind out of other online casinos as well.

Caveat Emptor!
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