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  1. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Wow!! Thought I was seeing double with this one. Wait, I'm seeing Quattro! I love it when Novomatic takes a
    classic video slot and adds a bit of twist to it. This time around, they added it four times with
    Sizzling Hot Quattro.

    In typical fashion with Novomatic online video slots, you'll have your fruit symbols, a number and probably a star symbol which usually represents the scatter.
    Sizzling Hot Quattro is a take on the classic Sizzling Hot™ Deluxe which many players love. They've really taking this classic and turned it up a notch to the tune
    of 4 times and will have you burning up the 7's with a fire so hot that could bring you some incredible winnings. It's so hot that the fire department could be called.


    I'm not a huge fan of the old, time classic video slots, but I do like this one. Seeing the four different video slot screens keeps my eyes darting from each screen to see the winning
    combinations. For some, this may be a bit too busy, but I love the anticipation. The colorful graphics and sizzling sounds only add to the excitement of this online video slot.

    Now let's pick this fruit slot apart and see what it's all about.

    But first, look at how nice the game play area looks! Colorful, fruitful and just waiting to be spun. Don't forget you'll have four times the spinning action with this Novomatic video slot.

    Sizzling Hot Quattro
    consists of the classic online video slot derived from the all time classic slot favorite Sizzling Hot Deluxe. It is a 5 payline video slot with 5 reels and 3 rows.
    The difference with the Quattro video slot is that there are four separate video slot games on one screen. Don't let the number lines confuse you. Each one will win independently of the other.
    I find it a bit confusing that they numbered the paylines 1-20. Made me think that the winning paylines for each separate game was somehow tied into each other, but they aren't.

    I do love the ease of the slot interface. I have no problem to place my bet amount per line or choosing the number of lines I want to play. It's pretty straightforward and you make your choice
    by clicking on the plus or minus symbols to go increase or decrease your line or bet amount. Click on the paytable button to see what the winning combinations and winning amounts are.
    I like to see what they are so I can wish for it during the spins. Oh, there is also a Gamble button to click. If you are a true gambler and have great luck in the 50/50, then this is for you.
    When you receive a winning combination, the Gamble button will highlight. You can either choose to collect your current winnings or gamble to double it.

    Winning combinations for Sizzling Hot Quattro™ pay left to right except the Golden Star Scatter symbol which could win anywhere on the game interface when you have 3 or more.

    Winning symbols include Red Sevens, Watermelon, Grapes, Golden Star Scatter, Plum, Orange, Lemon and Cherries. When the Red Seven is in a winning payline,
    it bursts into flames and could bring you the highest payout. Imagine hitting the Red Sevens on all four of the games! That would be an incredible win.

    I only wish the Scatter symbol was worth a bit more for this classic slot. All and all I love playing this one. You have the potential to reap some high winnings on any if not all of the games.

    No need to adjust your screen with playing Sizzling Hot Quattro™ online. There are definitely 4 video slot games that are played at one time.

    See four times the winning power by playing Sizzling Hot Quattro at Stargames, the game will launch on 6th June 2014.

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  2. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Great news for all Sizzling Hot fans! Sizzling Hot Quattro is now live at Star Games!

    Enjoy the game and good luck!
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  3. Kotsy

    Kotsy Well-Known Member

    Who likes playing four slot games at once?

    Pretty cool concept.
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