Sorin05 and Simstar78 Banned for Password Sharing!

Discussion in 'The Poker Talk Corner' started by Dmoney644, Mar 28, 2009.

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  1. Dmoney644

    Dmoney644 Well-Known Member

    Today, in our freeroll at Doyle's Room, we had about 5 players that registered for the freeroll that did not recieve the password from Bonus Paradise staff. 2 of those players, we suspect were in collusion together and shared the password with each other, even though password sharing and stealing is Strictly against Bonus Paradise policies.

    Sorin05 is suspected of sharing the password with Simstar78 aka Stari789 and then having simstar register as a member here at Bonus Paradise right before the start of the tournament. We questioned both at the tables about how simstar78 got the password when Bonus Paradise staff did not sent it to him, and never got a reply. We also noticed that Sorin05 and simstar78 never really played in hardly ny hands together, and felt that they were avoiding each other in hands which seemed to be a type of collusion until the very end when one was severely shortstacked. Both were thoroughly questioned about how Simstar78 aka Stari789 got the password, but both failed to reply to any of our questions making them look completely guilty.

    Bonus Paradise has decided to ban both these members from our forum, so that in the future, these 2 will not ever recieve another password from us again. Also, I will be talking to my Doyle's Room affiliate manager about penalizing these 2 players at Doyle's Room as well.

    Not only was $40 of our forum members tournament money won by them, some of our members' chances of winning theirselves was badly effected by the play of Simstar78 aka Stari789, who should have never been in the game to begin with. This is not fair by any means to our loyal members of Bonus Paradise who support our forum and do everything that is required of them to be an active member to get passwords for our poker games. Bonus Paradise Strictly Prohibits Sharing/Stealing of passwords and will not tolerate any members we catch or feel may be involved with doing so. As you see, we strongly feel these 2 members, Sorin05 and simstar78 shared the password and was banned for life from Bonus Paradise.

    Bonus Paraidse is looking into more options to prevent such things happening and will be changing some features in the near future regarding how passwords are given. At times, we use issued tickets or coupons at some of our rooms which will keep people from being able to share a password, because only the players i send in on a list will be issued a coupon or ticket, and will not be able to register without it. All though, this is a good way to prevent password sharing/stealing, this option is not always available.

    Hope everyone understands we do our best to keep this from happening while trying to give our new members the benefit of the doubt in wanting to become an active, supportive member of Bonus Paradise. Looks like we will have to tighten up on our forum rules, and make no exceptions for players anymore. Great things are to come here at Bonus Paraidse with some more great games and leagues from our poker sponsors, so anyone that wants to be a part of what we have to offer, be sure to think about being an active, supportive, contributing member of Bonus Paradise.
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  2. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    1st let me say thank you Dmoney for the very good worded post,
    it explains all very well.

    Yes we have already ideas about better protect our PWs.
    I am figuring out some technical things and we will let you all know then how all will work.
    I look forward to that, it will all be much easier and better for our loyal members.

    I feel sad, and I am so sorry this happened again,
    We try our best to let this not happen again.
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  3. slucky

    slucky Active Member

    Dmoney, I'm sorry to hear that, but my advice, as you said too, is to protect this tournaments with ticket entries. Is the best way to be sure that there won't be a person who's not invited... I hope the next tournament will be fine:hugs:
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  4. ojisplayin

    ojisplayin Well-Known Member

    I am sorry this happened to the BEST FORUM STAFF online!!
    Glad you figured out who or mostly... anyways.:apple:

    SOME very smart people around here!!:kiss:

    :thank you:​
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  5. Dmoney644

    Dmoney644 Well-Known Member

    I wanted to protect this game with a ticket, but private games aren't able to be done with tickets yet at doyles room is what my aff mgr told me.

    he will wish that he could have done it come monday. hehe
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  6. Mick114

    Mick114 Well-Known Member

    Hey Dmoney.........I think your doing a fantastic job and keep up the good work.I hope people get the message ( and I think they are) that staff and members are watching and action will be taken.It"s too bad about the Doyles room thing , but anytime money is involved you get people trying to break the rules and cheat at the expense of others.This forum rocks and it's only getting better!!!!!
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  7. queenmap

    queenmap Well-Known Member

    Thanks Dmoney for the post! I am thankful I got to play. Made it to final table and bam, i'm gone. LOL Hopefully, no more passwords will get shared. Bonus Paradise rocks and we all try our best to input a plan for passwords. It's just not always the easiest when password thiefs are around. Did I make sense? LOL I am not a good writer, but you get my drift. hehe :kiss:
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  8. mclovin1988

    mclovin1988 New Member

    how would u manage that the (right) members get those tickets?! aint that kinda tricky

  9. Kondai

    Kondai Active Member

    I think maybe release password only 30 min to 1 hr. before tournament start and amount of good quality post maybe 30+ or more and 7 days+ register before tournament start..
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  10. krown

    krown Member

    Hi Guys

    Thanks again for the excellent tournament and I am so sorry it was marred by interlopers. It is currently not possible to regulate who plays 100% but part of the fault lies wwith the poker site itself. You set up the tourney for your members and once you find out that people who are not members are playing in your tournament, you should be able to contact the site and either have them manually removed from the game before it starts or block them from receiving any winning once it does start. In the instance of the last tournament by blocking them from winning money by default pkrjnky1 would have finished 4th place and mooleydoyal would have finished 5th. It is for these 2 players that my sympathies lie with mainly; the others are the people that were put out of the game by these crooks. Hopefully there will be no such incident today to hamper all of your hard work.

    :thank you: again to everyone at Bonus Paradise.
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  11. mooleyjones

    mooleyjones Active Member

    simstar is in all freerolls........and gets accused at the tables. If the poker rooms would just bann them altogether it might stop this shit.....but alas they won't cuz the poker rooms are sluts too Hahaha.......
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  12. mooleyjones

    mooleyjones Active Member

    Thanx Krown......yes this happens all to frequently.......been doing this for too long.
    We had a 500 buck one at cant rmember the name of the place right now, but its a playtech one thats been around for ever. it filled up in 5 mins and out of the 500 i think 20 were our players......
    just too sad to me.
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  13. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    ssshhh, lmao

    lol, mooley, so nice to see ya - sugarcandy!
    Hope all is well with you dear :hugs:
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  14. mooleyjones

    mooleyjones Active Member

    anddddd I think u should post their IP' owners and admins like me can check other there.......hahaha:nuts:
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  15. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    hmm, maybe something to think about,
    but you know such members/players they also know ways to have diffrent IP´s
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  16. mooleyjones

    mooleyjones Active Member

    U mean proxys. Yes I know, but some of em are really stupid and just use their ip trust me.....had a few spammers on dynamite that reg like 2 or 3 times with their acctual ip....really dumb.....hahahaha
    I've set dynamite to admin activated. I know its tough when theres a poker game cuz u get inondated with new members.
    Again I still think the whole thing is very very sad.
    It's too bad the managers just can't delete em while theyre playing......wouldn't that be a hoot.......oops GONEEEEEEEEEEE hahahaha:lmao::hugs:
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  17. Arachnaphid

    Arachnaphid Active Member

    It is great to see a zero tolerence policy and that you are constantly striving to resolve these problems, very admirable thanks BP.

    I'm just glad to be a part of it.

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  18. slucky

    slucky Active Member

    Yes it's very admirable and very fair for the members of the forum who didn't had a true chance to win some money because of the intruders ..
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