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    While people commonly discuss the odd things people have used to place bets, some of the strangest things to bet on are somehow overlooked.
    So, whether you’re itching to make an obscure bet, or are just amused by oddities, here are a few things you can place a wager on.


    Even people who aren’t into sportsbook have probably heard the name PaddyPower. The site hosts all sorts of online betting options.
    There’s casino games, poker, bingo, and, of course, sports betting. However, tucked away within the site is a list of novelty bet options.

    Naturally, enthusiasts of the royal family are invited to place bets as to who will be the next monarch. Apparently it’s not looking so good for Prince Harry, as the company has placed the odds of him
    being crowned next as less likely than Princes Charles, William or Georgeand as equal to “any other.” The traditional baby pool bets for the next royal infant are also offered, including the name, gender,
    hair color, weight and more. However, for added fun, you can also wager on what color Kate’s dress will be when she makes her first appearance with the wee one.


    Bets on celebrities are becoming popular too. PaddyPower has accepted wagers on whether Justin Bieber would be deported or not. Currently running, is a list of possible contenders for FHM’s Sexiest
    Woman of 2015. Michelle Keegan seems to be tops, while Lady Gaga barely made the cut. The Middleton sisters, Kate and Pipa, rest quietly near the bottom with Angelina Jolie and Miley Cyrus.
    Bets are also being accepted on who Chris Martin’s next girlfriend will be. Rhianna is the favorite while poor Miley and Pippa reside near the bottom again. Rory McIlroy’s next love is also being debated.
    Meghan Markle is the likely winner of the contest and, yes, Miley and Pippa are somewhere near the bottom on this one too. Oddly enough, there are no current bets that involve the two ladies as anything
    more than contenders.

    It’s not surprising that people would be able to place bets on future political leaders. In this respect, PaddyPower covers America, England, France, Ireland, Scotland, Russia and more.Ireland’s water debate
    occupies a couple markets as well, and President Obama’s approval rating takes a slot. However, the oddest of all political wagers is based on the future career of infant Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky.
    One has to wonder if she knows, or even cares, that she’s slated to be a United States Senator.

    There is also a section devoted to predicting the outcome of TV shows. It ranges from contests, like Dancing with the Stars and X-Factor to naming the culprit in EastEnders. To liven up the lottery,
    there are others that allow for predictions on the color of the ball. People also have the opportunity to place wagers on which airport will have snow on Christmas.

    Bovada/ Bodog

    The online sports betting site, Bovada, doesn’t have too many strange options now. They do allow wagers on the next winner of Dancing with the Stars and previously, they allowed some bizarre ones
    on the Super Bowl. A few of them included guessing which team President Obama would root for, which song Bruno Mars would perform first, and also how many times the phrase “Beast Mode” would
    be uttered throughout gameplay.

    Everywhere besides the US, Bovada is still using the name Bodog. They, too, have a “weird bets” section. Although rather sparse at the moment, it has allowed wagers on probable outcomes of Alec
    Baldwin’s 2007 rant to his daughter, as well as what punishments Paris Hilton would face for her legal indiscretions. They also covered who would father Britney Spears’ next child and whether an
    American Idol contestant would throw up on stage. Additional wagers were taken on whether a contestant would kiss Paula and another concerning the odds of someone sitting on Simon’s lap.

    If you thought sportsbook wasn’t for you, perhaps it is now. With so many fun and obscure things to place online wagers about, it’s hard for the average Joe and Jane not to join in. There are many sites
    that host novelty, weird bets. It’s always a good idea to research a site’s reputation before handing over cash, but, if you do, perhaps you just might hit it big, provided the world doesn’t end.
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    I love all the different things you can bet on. I thinks a great idea for the sites. Many people aren't into sportsbetting, so this is a fantastic option.
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