Stay away from big bet poker



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Jul 13, 2008
Ppl please listen big bet poker is a scam sight the fairness of the games are of the wall customer support is the worst games are to predictable completely unfair do not deposit here its a scam believe me take your money some where else trust me you will thank me later.MERGE NETWORK GAMING IS THE WORST NETWORK ON THE INTERNET.
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May 3, 2008
Well, what makes you post that,
I mean you do not tell us much, only that they are not ok.
Why do you say that, what happened?
Some more info would be nice.

:thank you:
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Jun 1, 2008
Grottoes, Virginia, U.S.A.
1st off, this sounds like a player that has just had a bad run of online poker, and must have lost his entire bankroll, and needs to blame this on somebody. Sounds like a total venting of the sort.

When you play 1000 hands a day, you are gonna see more bad beats, more unlikely cards, and things you think you would never see, will happen at times. Also, online poker is full of novice players that really don't know much more than the basics of the game, and will play anything. You can't control what another player plays, but you can learn to adapt to these type of players.

As far as bad mouthing a specific poker room or even the software, everyone should learn no matter where you play online, these types of bad beats and donkeys are everywhere, every poker room, and every type of software. I've learned playing online, that no matter where you play, they all tend to be somewhat the same.

A month ago, i was playing a cash game, and lost $200 in one hand on the river at that very poker room, Big Bet Poker. They guy rivered a flush on me, while i was holding the best hand. Did i bash that room and the software? No, I took the loss, and chalked it up to what it was. A Very donkey ass call by that player that get very lucky. I mean he called my allin on the turn for $120+ on only a flush draw on the river and hit it.

Badbeats happen, Poor Poker play by others happen, Poor play by you the player happens.

You know what i find funny? You never hear complaints of when a player was on the winning side of that badbeat or miracle river card do you? Nobody ever complains about the software then, and many don't even remember when the crazy things that happen in online poker when it favors them, only the bad things.

Big Bet Poker is a good poker room(actually owned by the english harbour casino group) and The Merge Gaming Network is one of the best out there. This software will alwas be my #1 place i play.
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Jun 1, 2008
palmdale california
Yea I agree with D, this guy is just venting, because trust me I think English Harbour group sucks as a casino group but as a poker group Big Bet is one of the top notch ones out there, and Merge gaming to me is the best poker software but hey what do I know
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