Strange Bets You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

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    Most of the people reading this article enjoy a good bet every now and again. As many of you may know already, gamblers tend to be some of the most colorful characters out there – a fact
    which many gamblers take pride in! If you are not yet convinced that gamblers can be, well, weird, we have compiled a brief list of the world’s weirdest and strangest bets. Check out these
    less-than-normal bets and walk away feeling a little bit more knowledgeable than before. We are not sure how these weird facts will come in handy, but we are firm believers that there is
    beauty in the bizarre. So grab a weird friend and pull up a chair. Here are your weird tidbits of information for the day.

    Bet One: Green Eggs and Ham

    This weird bet is kind of adorable, so we could not resist including it in our list. The bet took place between a man named Bennett Cerf and his client Theodore Geisel. Bennett Cerf earned a living
    as a publisher; he is the co-founder of one of the most well-known book publishing companies on the globe, Random House. In 1960, he bet against one of his client’s, Giesel, that Geisel could not
    write a book with fewer than fifty words that still had an intelligible plot line. You may recognize Theodore Geisel better by his pseudonym of Dr. Seuss – the book resulting from the bet was the
    children’s favorite “Green Eggs and Ham.” Obviously, Geisel ended up winning the bet. How could a book about something as cute as “Sam I Am” not win a bet? The next time you think children’s’
    book authors are not a very cool crowd, remember the bet that created “Green Eggs and Ham.” They may be cooler than we thought.


    Bet Two: Unmentionables

    This bet is definitely not as cute as the previous bet listed. A man named Brian Zembic from Canada won a grand total of $100,000 after betting that he would (get this) get plastic surgery and live
    with breast implants for 365 days - a whole year. He went through with it and got his implants in the year of 1997. Want to know an even weirder fact? He kept them. Supposedly, the addition to
    his body composition continues to earn him plenty of cash and lots of attention from the media (seeing as he continues to flash in public, this is not surprising). The same man won $15,000 after agreeing
    to live in a restroom for the agreed-upon length of one month. The man may make some strange bets, but you have to admire his originality.

    Bet Three: Wives

    Every man makes a blunder every now and again when it comes to communicating with his significant other; however, you would think that every man would know that betting your wife during a poker
    match is definitely not cool. Andrei Karpov, a Russian, supposedly bet his wife when he ran out of cash at a crucial part of the game. Karpov’s wife was (obviously) not very happy about the entire ordeal,
    and soon thereafter divorced him. The weird part? She supposedly ended up marrying the original opponent. Stranger things have happened. Maybe. Probably not.

    Bet Four: Food

    One of the most infamous poker players, called “The Professor,” is known by his food preference: he is a vegetarian. When an opponent bet that The Professor would be unable to finish a large hamburger,
    The Professor surprised everyone by scarfing down the whole thing and making a counter bet. Apparently, he knew about his opponent’s aversion to olives and promptly bet double or nothing that his
    opponent could not eat two olives. His opponent must have really hated olives because he said “no” and lost $20,000 to The Professor. Would you eat two olives for $20,000? We have to admit that suffering
    through an olive or two seems worth it when it comes to winning twenty grand.

    Bet Five: Ocean Stand

    A man named Phil Hellmuth once bet a close friend named Huck Seed that he could not, in fact stand in the open ocean for 18 long hours. The amount bet? A whopping $50,000. Standing in the ocean does
    not seem so bad for half of one hundred thousand dollars, and Huck took the bait. Unfortunately for him, it did not work out so well. He could only last a not-as-long-as-expected three hours standing in ocean
    water. The good news for us is that it made a good story.

    The next time you make a silly bet, you can be sure that you are not the only one to have taken an outrageous risk during a gambling match.
    Entertain your friends during your next night out at the casino with one of these gambling tales. We are sure that your friends have some silly stories of their own to add to the mix.
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    Marina better keep an eye on Mike at the Poker tables.
    Before you know it, he bets you...hehe

    Great article again!
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