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    With most Anglo-American playing cards, all design principles are similar but there is no specific rule in place. But if you look at different decks from different card manufacturers, you will notice that the Jack of Spades, Jack of Hearts, and King of Diamonds are all depicted in profile, while the rest of the face cards are shown in full face. The term "one-eyed” has been applied to these face cards and often leads to them being nominated as Wild cards in certain games.

    Quick Glossary:

    Refers to a forced bet action in Poker, whereby each player is bound to bet a particular amount and no lower. There are small blinds and big blinds, where the big blind is the full bet, and the small blind is half of the big blind.

    Bonus Paradise Gambling News--July5th, 2009
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    Interesting facts des, also, the King of Diamonds
    is sometimes referred to as the "Suicide King". This is because the King
    looks as if he has put a sword throw himself. Also, the Queen of Spades
    is refferred sometimes as the "Bedpost Queen" because it looks like poster-
    bed posts in the card.
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