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    :: Movie Trivia ::

    (expires August 18th at noon Eastern Time)

    In the 1996 Sci-Fi movie “Independence Day”
    with Will Smith;
    humankind defeat the invading aliens when:

    a) Shielding the sun and disrupting their power source
    b) Infecting their food with a deadly bacteria
    c) Inserting a computer virus into the alien’s mothership
    d) Signaling Batman to come rescue them

    For your correct answer you will receive:

    FREE $13
    125% Trivia Reload

    Subnit your answers to:

    Addressed to Stephen Vaughn.
    Please allow him up to 24 hours to reply,
    on weekdays only.

    Only Active players can participate if they have:

    1) Made a deposit within the last two months
    (since June 2009)
    2) Account in good standing, with promotions allowed
    3) Have not received more than 2 no-deposit bonuses
    since last deposit

    Exclusive $25 No Deposit + 200% Match​
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