Team Poker Tournaments - who wanna play for Bonus Paradise!

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May 3, 2008

Nasty Duck is running a Forum vs Forum League and invited Bonus Paradise.
We would need some players for it!

They do not accept US players, yeah its pitty for our US members, I know.
But we have a few non US Poker Players here on BP, so this could be some great fun for them.

If you would love to play there then please post your Nasty Duck username below.

We still can submit players guys, please see below who is in our team by now,
We will be updating this post recently.

Team Paradise Players:
BP_Ellis, mjjkloeg, dogbites7, _leifen, ZTG, vlissingen, Kikoko, paul1968, Seaman63

We could win a nice Freeroll!
Place 1 gets a cool €100 Freeroll!
And of course you can win cash in each of the tournaments!

Who would like to play in our Team = Team Paradise?

The league runs from September 7th – December 20th.

There are 19 teams, and the results after every tournament will be posted here: :: View topic - Teams, Schedules And Results

The schedule for September looks like this;
All games are now in the lobby and are called “Team Poker Tournaments”

September 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th
at 7 PM CET: 3€ Buy-in with 30€ Guaranteed!

September 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th
at 7 PM CET: 1€ Buy-in with 10€ Guaranteed!

September 11th, 18th and 25th
at 7 PM CET: 2€ Buy-in with 20€ Guaranteed!

Visit NastyDuck Poker!​
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Hmmm no US that might be a little tough to make up a "team". I might be able to join up here and see what i can do for us.How many people min do we need for a team?
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Ohh, they did not tell me anything how many min. players, lol
I ask them and will add it then to the post.
Thanks for bringing this up Dogbites, :thank you:
The way it looks is the bigger the team we have the better chance of getting points.I was looking at all the dates and sure some i can make but we might not do to well if people dont play in them all.
Yeah Dogbites
without US it will be hard,
Mike will play too, so there are already 2 players, lol
I do hope we get some more, NastyDuck is a very nice and friendly Pokeroom
gerard & mike are in
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The min. players needed for a Team is 1 player
we make that, hehe
I think we have good chances to win and its nice to play and have that nice feeling of being a community.
No worries.It well be great to get some more freerolls for the members here at Bp.Just looking at the cost of each tournament and i should be good.
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Guys, this is really an awesome deal!!

Show everyone who Team Paradise is...

In our Poker Team we have me, my dad,Mike and Dogbites ....
And i must say, as a poker player, we aint a bad team at all!!!

Please if you like poker?

This is an awesom way, to suport your forum.

Arren't there any girls out there, that like to play online poker..

I dont wanna be the only girl......hehe

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That no US rule really does sux when it comes to events like this.But hey looks like we have a great team going.
Yeah thats indeed pitty
i check within a hour what mine account is
and my daddys account is

boohoo folks...

I've sign up
I migth get time to join you guys in a few games :)

_leifen at nastyduck.. and of course I play for bp
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Thats Awesome Guys, Wish I Could Join You Guys, But Of Course I Think Everyone Knows Where I'm From, lol

I Have Some Great Friends In A League I Play In, Maybe I Could Get Some Of Them To Stop By, Check Out The Info On This, And Maybe Some Would Be Interested In Joining!

See Who I Can Recruit This Weekend! Good Luck To The Team So Far,
Looks Like An Awesome Team To Me, Even Without Me In It!​

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