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Jul 17, 2008
It seems like the Texas hold em style of poker has really grown in popularity. Do those of you who are poker buffs like this style or the traditional game?
Hi Stressmom, To Answer Your Question, I Love The Game Of Texas Hold'em, But I Still Love The Other Versions Of Poker As Well.

5 Card Draw, 5 Card Stud, Omaha,{hi/lo as well}, 7 Card Stud, And Any Other Card Game Dealing With Poker. Texas Hold'em Has Been Played For A Long Time, And Has Been The Choice Of Game For The World Series Of Poker For Ages.

But One Game In Mind, I Really Think You May See Coming On Strong For Main Event Championships In The Years To Come , Is The Game Of Horse, Which Combines Alot Of Games Together, And Changes Hands Everytime The Blinds Are Raised.

You Truely Have To Know A Bit About All the Games To Be A Strong Player, And Will Combine All The Skills Of Variations Of Poker.

I Guess We'll See What Happens Soon Enough In The Years To Come.
I Think While Texas Hold'em Is Still Going Strong, This Will Be The Game Of Choice, Until
The Fad Begins To Slow Down.

Thanks For The Post Dear, And Hope You Are Enjoying Your Stay In Paradise!!​
I prefer 5 card draw than hold'em, I'm tried of bad beat, every time I call allin with
TPTK two pair or set with people who all in with flush draw, 80-90% of time it will hit!
not 30% same as straight too.

and when I stream or tilt or try to do like they do so it like 10% of time it will hit
matbe I have no luck about gamble.

However I found very success in 5 card draw cash game & tournament because
I usually patience player, I can fold and wait for good card and trap them.
and one thing -> 5 card draw don't have bad beat

sorry for bad English gramma
No need to be sorry kondia, we are just glad to
have some poker discussion going on. i pretty much understand every word you mean
so no worries.

As far badbeats, i have to disagree with you. I've seen many badbeats in all kinds of games, even 5-card draw, which is also one of my favorite games to play. if you get dealt an A high flush, ans some calls your pre-draw raise because he has a pair of A's, Then draws 3 cards and hits a full house, you don't consider this a badbeat? hehe I have seen this happen a few times something along these kinda lines.With a guy drawing 3 cards, you could not possibly put him on a fullhouse if you raise with your A high flush, and he re-raises you allin. I can not fold with him drawing 3 cards, At this point i have to believe that I still have the best hand.

The badbeats may not happen as often as hold'em, but they do happen.

Thanks for the post, its interesting to see how other peoples opinions are about poker.​

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