The 2015 List of the World’s Wealthiest Casino Moguls

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  1. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    What do ball bearings, cheese, and fertilizer have in common? They’re all things that have turned people into billionaires. Of course, these industries are few and far between on the Forbes list
    of billionaires. It’s much more common to find people who made billions in software development, technology, or websites. In fact, the list holds quite a few people who have made their money
    in the casino industry. Here is where the top casino moguls sat when the new year rang in.

    1. Sheldon Adelson

    Reports indicate that Mr. Adelson had a tough year because his estimated net worth is only 30.1 billion dollars, whereas he sat at 37 billion dollars in 2013. This didn’t stop him from coming
    at number 17, throughout the entire world, nor from taking the number-one spot on the list of wealthiest casino moguls. He’s the chairman and CEO of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation.

    He built the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino in Vegas, and is also responsible for the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, as well as the Venetian Macao, and several other endeavors.
    Mr. Adelson is heavily involved in politics and is known for his efforts to halt the progress of online casinos.

    2. Lui Che Woo


    Although the next casino mogul doesn’t appear on the Forbes list until number 73, Lui Che Woo of Hong Kong still has a very comfortable estimated net worth of 13.6 billion dollars. A great deal of
    this comes from his investments in Galaxy Entertainment Group (GEG), which operates several hotels and casinos in Macau. StarWorld Macau, Galaxy Macau, plus four CityClub casinos, have done
    fairly well for the Lui family until recently, as the stability of Macau’s gaming has been fluctuating. In fact, by January 2, 2015, Lui dropped to 77 on the Forbes list, with a mere 13.3 billion.

    3. Johann Graf

    Most gamblers will be familiar with the third mogul on this list, or at the very least will know his company. Austrian Johann Graf is 253 on the Forbes list, and is worth an estimated 5.7 billion dollars.
    Much of this is the result of founding and developing Novomatic, which began by creating slot machines and later delved into online slots.

    4. Pansy Ho

    Pansy is one of casino mogul Stanley Ho’s 17 children. He redistributed most of his wealth among his four families a few years ago and Pansy received a large share of the MGM Grand Macau.
    She is also managing director of several other companies which were founded by her father, including many with ties to gambling.

    5. James Packer

    Australian James Packer is 323 on the Forbes list. He inherited a 5 billion-dollar business from his father in 2005 and has roughly 4.6 billion to his name now. Interestingly, he has casino
    ties with Pansy Ho’s brother, Lawrence Ho, in their joint-venture Melco Crown Entertainment. He serves as Executive Chairman of Crown Resorts, which owns 100-percent of Crown Melbourne
    Entertainment Complex and Crown Perth Entertainment Complex, plus 50-percent of Aspinalls United Kingdom casinos and Betfair Australasia, as well as portions of establishments throughout
    the world, including Macau and the US.

    6. Kunio Busujima and Family

    Spot 363 on the Forbes list is actually shared among members of the Busujima family, and they’re estimated to be worth about 4.2 billion dollars. Kunio formed a company called Sankyo which
    makes pachinko machines. Pachinko is somewhat similar to a pinball game, though players try to get the game to release more balls by hitting targets. By nature, pachinko is not a gambling game,
    per say, but the devices are used heavily in Japanese gambling. At any rate, Kunio still serves as Honorary Chairman, but his son, Hideyuki, oversees daily operations of Sankyo.

    7. Kirk Kerkorian/ Mark Scheinberg

    Although Forbes lists Mr. Kerkorian and Mr. Scheinberg as 375 and 376 respectively, they both have an estimated net worth of 4.1 billion dollars. Mr. Kerkorian has had a hand in numerous
    industries, and was essentially one of the founding fathers of Las Vegas as it’s known today. He presently owns portions of MGM Resorts International, as well as MGM China. Mr. Scheinberg,
    on the other hand, is Canadian, though was born in Israel, has traveled extensively, and is reported to have relocated to the Isle of Man. He’s the brains behind PokerStars, which he founded with
    his father, and then later sold to Amaya Gaming.

    The Forbes list is quite extensive, containing a total combined wealth of 6.4 trillion dollars. As such, there are many more people who have made billions, like Steve and Elaine Wynn or Lawrence Ho,
    who are a bit further down the line. Steve is 520 with 3.2 billion dollars, while Lawrence and Elaine rest in the high 800s, and 900, respectively, with 2 billion dollars each. Regardless, they’re among
    good company, sharing space with the likes of Bill Gates and Warrant Buffett on one of the most elite lists in the entire world.
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  2. queenmap

    queenmap Well-Known Member

    I'll marry any one of them. LOL
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  3. Seaman63

    Seaman63 Well-Known Member

    I just wanted to ask "No mogul ladies available ?" :D:D:D
  4. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Pansy Ho is a Lady @Seaman63 . :D

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    Ooops..I really need to buy new glasses for reading.
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    OMG you guys are to funny!

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