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May 3, 2008
As an avid online casino player I am always on the lookout for that little something extra in a game. Something new or exciting, something a little different.

So I tried playing some of the live dealer games that are available and although they did add a different dimension I found them a bit slow at times and a little bit scary. There is something not quite right about watching a live person spinning the roulette wheel when they can’t see you.

I then came across something called Real Deal on Betfair which claimed to be a cross between the current computerised games and a live dealer. Fascinated I gave it a go.
Although it did take a little while to load up, once I was in there it was worth the wait! You have the choice of 6 games, European Blackjack, Vegas Blackjack, European Roulette, Money Wheel, Pontoon and Baccarat. I had a play on roulette and blackjack.

I was reasonably impressed with the dealer, her name is Candy, as she did look reasonably real but didn’t give me that creepy feeling I get from a live dealer. The CGI graphics and technology they have used on Real Deal make the virtual dealer, sorry the lovely Candy, lifelike mannerisms giving it that real edge and making the games that little bit more interesting.

If you like playing any of the 6 casino games then I would definitely recommend having a go on Real Deal. These games are exclusive to Betfair at the moment and are well worth checking out.

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