Third sunday of advent

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Jun 1, 2008

I am wishing everyone a peaceful and safe 3rd sunday of advent.

Yesterday a very sad story happened here just a few minutes to walk away from my home.

I´m living near by a river and yesterday a mother throwed her 4 years old doughter from the bridge and let her drown. When she was arrested later, she told the cops, she was totally overextended by taking care of her child.

Now the weird happened in the afternoon when many cars and walking people were on the bridge and nobody noticed her??? WTF???

Something is really going wrong in our so called modern world!

Take care!
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Thank You Seaman
It's a sad day when people can
choose to ignore what is before their very eyes!
Sadly this happens all too often,
and the Holiday Season; instead of
bringing Joy and Hope,
seems to escalate the feeling of despair
and hopelessness for some.:sad:

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