Thrills Casino Locked Players from Croatia?

Discussion in 'Gambling News' started by duleVU, Jun 9, 2016.

  1. duleVU

    duleVU Active Member

    Cant believe that I cant anymore use Thrills Casino site! when I open site, I get message that they dont accept players from my country of residence!
    and dont know when they changed that! I am registered there more then year and I didnt get any mail or other message with warning that will be excluded from their site!
    luckily I didnt have any money there,so who know what would happen if I had money and they closed site for me! so sick when this happen!just wonder what legal reasons are this!
  2. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Ahh, so sorry for ya @duleVU , I find it strange that you did not get an email about this from Thrills.
    Maybe you overlooked the email, or who knows, maybe the email got blocked somehow by your email provider?

    I will try to find out when they locked player accounts from your country.

    I moved your post, made a thread of it.
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  3. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    So far I cannot find any info that Thrills Casino would not accept players from Croatia.
    Thrills has a new website, so maybe there is a bug?

    Did you try to access SuperLenny or Kaboo, they have the same owners (Betit Operations Ltd)
    If Thrills does not accept players from your country then SuperLenny and Kaboo will also not.
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  4. SuperNova

    SuperNova Well-Known Member

    I just found this countries which are forbidden:
    Would write them an email and ask what happened.
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  5. duleVU

    duleVU Active Member

    I didnt get any mail from them! earlier I did get mails from them, when they have some promotion, bonus or something,b ut nothing for this and its not in spam too, I check that folder daily!
    Maybe is something with this new page, but then its not my fault,t hey should be careful with that change! now I dont have enough will to contact them and to try to solve this!
    I am not member at this two sites ,so dont know how this will work for me at super lenny or kaboo!
    thanks both of you for help @Marina and @SuperNova
  6. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

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