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Aug 29, 2008
Valuetown, Netherlands
Got this in my mailbox. Normally costs 10 dollars per month, but you can try one week for free now :)
Claim your Free Week at Pimp-Your-Poker

From February 1st 2009 all new members at Register for Pimp-Your-Poker can try before they buy.

Pimp-Your-Poker wishes to offer all new members a taste of the awesome Poker action that we have to offer.
To give you a taste of the action, we have decided to give you 1 free week at our fantastic site that is consistantly giving away thousands of Dollars a month in Poker Free Rolls.

Over 200 Free Rolls in January Alone!

That's right potential Pimps, our January schedule was nothing short of spectacular with a whoppng 203 Free Roll tournaments taking place, that is almost 7 Free Rolls a day on average. If you want to see what our fully fledged Pimps are making go and check out the Bragging and Boast Section of our forum.

If you don't want to get into the action of awesome FreeRolls every day then hit pass us by...

However if you do, then read on...

How To Claim Your Free Week

It is very simple.
All you have to do is send an email to and give us the following information:

1. You Big Daddy User Name

2. Your BigDaddy Poker Screen Name

3. Your Pimp-Your-Poker User Name

It's that simple

Open your Pimp-Your-Poker account HERE
Register for Pimp-Your-Poker

If you do not already have one open your BigDaddys account HERE

See You At the Tables!

Send us the mail, give us the info and let's see you at the tables so you can start PIMPING YOUR POKER! Team

Terms and Conditions

I think I removed all affiliate links from the e-mail lol. But let the mods watch it again please :) GL!


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May 3, 2008
I think I removed all affiliate links from the e-mail lol. But let the mods watch it again please :) GL!

Yes dear you did super and great that you did put it into a quote!
many thanks :hugs:

might still be that its an excl. offer maybe throug one special affiliate?

Well, try out guys if ya want

I think we have to look into this pimp poker program more
look like a nice site...
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