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If there are so many states which ban online gambling then how come I have started noticing tv ads for internet gambling sites all over tv?
I have not seen those. Who are the advertisements for- any sites where you have played before?
I can't remember the names but the next time I see it I am going to jot it down and check through this site what kind of reviews it has received.
I Believe Alot Of The T.V. Promotions In The U.S. Are Mostly Poker Related Sites.{bodog, party poker, etc}. I Noticed Alot Of These In The Past Year Or 2 While The Poker Industry Was Sizzling Hot. The Cacth With Their Promos Is This. If You Notice, They Advertise These Sites About Learning How To Play Poker Or Winning Trips Or Entries Into The WSOP{World Series Of Poker}, But At The End, They Claim Not To Be A Gambling Or Money Wagering Site. If you Notice, The Link For Their Site All End With: "Dot" Net. When Their Real Money Poker Sites Usually All End With "Dot" Com.

This Way, I Think They Figure Alot Of People Will Put In "dot" Com Instead Of "dot" Net, And Will End Up At The Gambling Sites. And Their "dot" Net Sites All Have A Link Somewhere Where the Can Go To The "dot" Com Sites And Start Playing For Real Money.

This May Not Be Exactly Correct, But In A Few Findings, I Believe This To Be True. Also, Gambling Online Wasn't Really Banned, But The Process In Which Most Casinos Accept Payments Were Banned From Accepting US Payments. Heavy Fines And Penalties Were Threatened, So This Is Why, Alot Of Casinos And Payment Methods Decided To Stop Accepting US Money.

Maybe, Some Individual States Have Banned This, Maybe Thats Why Most States Are Accepted, And A Select Few Aren't.

Maybe Some Of The Other Staff Can Help Me Answer This A Little Bit Better?

Hope This Helps You Understand A Little More.​
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Hey My Friend, I Came Across This Link, Which May Help You Understand The Unlawful Gambling Act Bill. Hope You Can Understand What This All Means, As This Is The Best Info I Can Find On It At The Moment.

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of course you know I am fine with internet gambling otherwise I would not be a part of this site but I am inclined to think this is not something that needs to be advertised on TV, kind of like cigarettes. It seems there should be some regulation over this.
I Think You Are Right My Friend, And I Think There May Be. That Is The Reason They Give Out The Website inks bla bla bla .net And At The End Of Every Commercial i'v eSeen, Real Quick They Say, Or Is In The Fine Print, This Is Not A Gambling Website. But If You Put In The Same Link With .com, They Sure Enough Have A Gambling Website lol This Is What I Have Observed.
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yes thats right Dmoney.Pokerstars runs the ad like crasy as and of course its not a gambling site.But just like you said add the .com and your off and donating.
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I Too, Also Recieve These Snail Mail
Offers. There Was One Good One I Received, It Was From A Sports Book,
But I Could Use The Money In My Poker Account. It Was A $50 No-Deposit Bonus
And I Played Poker On That For A Long Time. Wait And See, Before You Know It, THere Will Be Ads On Billboards And Such For Online Gaming! roflmao​
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