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May 3, 2008
113, the prestigious online casino, is offering you the chance to enter a series of fast-paced tournaments that will put you in line to win some great rewards.

Twin Races
are tournaments where players can compete against their fellow Twinners and grab their share of cash prizes and free spins.
The gist of the Twin Races is very simple – all you need to do is spin in the selected slot game and score the highest coin win to accumulate points to climb the leaderboard.

Entering the Twin Races at online casino costs nothing extra in terms of fees or registration.
You can enter the Twin Races as many times as you want per day.

How do the Twin Races work?

In each Twin Race, there are two ways to win. You can win by multiplier or by best score:
  • You will be a winner on the multiplier leaderboard if you get the biggest win possible on the game.
  • You can also win by being the player who accumulates the most points in the race.
  • Win/bet = multiplier score (for example: wager €/$ 1 to win €/$ 10 – a 10 x multiplier)
  • The leaderboard will only show the highest multiplier score.
Best Score:
  • Earn 1.0x x up to 15.00 x = 2 points
  • Earn 15.01 x up to 30.00 x = 20 points
  • Earn 30.01 x and above = 100 points
  • All points are accumulated throughout the race.
In case players have an equal amount of points, the player who has collected the amount first is the one ranked first out of the players who have equal points.

Exclusive Twin Races

From time to time online casino will run Exclusive Twin Races. These could be password-protected races or races that require a token to enter them.
These tournaments are worth entering as they have fewer participants (meaning less competition) and higher prizes for you to win.

Claiming Tournament Prizes

When the Twin Race comes to an end, head to the overview of the race and you could claim your prize. Click the ‘Claim Prize’ button to do so.
If you are not a winner, don’t despair. Check out the list of upcoming Twin Races that you may be able to join in the future.

Twin Races Promotion Terms and Conditions
  • Only wagers made on the selected games during the race period will count towards the leaderboard.
  • You will not be charged anything for entering the Twin Races other than the cost of spinning the reels. You will also need to spend the minimum amount needed to play the game.
  • Once you have registered for the race and start playing the selected game, your name and score will appear on the leaderboard.
  • Each race must have a minimum of 5 registered participants to start, otherwise it will be cancelled.
  • General Terms and Conditions from Casino apply.
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