Two New Exclusive Online Slots - King of Slots and Ski Jump

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    Many software companies which specialize in the development of online slots make custom-order games upon request. Although the companies typically release their games to the general public and
    allow numerous online casinos to showcase them, occasionally, they’re commissioned to specially design something. Exclusive game releases are fairly rare, especially when the developer spends time
    creating a totally unique experience. It seems online slot players have hit the jackpot, because there are actually two exclusive games coming out quite close together.

    King of Slots - Exclusive to CasinoSaga

    In a recent post here at Bonus Paradise, we pondered where the story at Casino Saga would lead. For those of you unfamiliar with the website, it’s an online casino with a twist. At Casino Saga,
    you’re not just a member- you’re a hero on a mission. Your goal is to hunt down a dragon that has stolen the king’s crown, so that you can return it to its rightful owner. Naturally, the adventure
    involves playing online slots, defeating bad guys, and winning some epic prizes along the way. The trouble with this, though, is that there are 40 predefined regions and 38 bosses to defeat.
    Surely it’s a wonderful feeling to win the master game, but it begs the question, “What happens next?”

    Sadly, Casino Saga is still being tight-lipped about this, but we may have just received our first clue anyway. The casino recently issued a statement regarding the release of an
    exclusive slot which will be available to play sometime early in 2015. Casino Saga CEO Georg Westin naturally sang its praises. After all, it is a NetEnt slot, so it’s going to be good.
    However, at the end of his statement, he added that it’s “…going to be a central part in the continued adventure being built at Casino Saga and the journey taking part in the next island.”
    Although it’s not an outright confession, it sure sounds like Saga Island will be gaining a sister island very soon.


    As for the new game, it’s a luxurious-looking video slot, aptly named “King of Slots.” Fit for royalty, all the icons are encrusted in shining gold and shimmering gems. Even the fruit icons are look like
    they could adorn a crown. The rules and full functions of the game have not yet been posted, yet it looks like NetEnt really outdid themselves with this one. As expected, you’ll have wilds and scatters.
    The scatters trigger free spins, and the wins from those are multiplied by three. Sticky Wins are also included in the game’s features, which means that when you have a winning spin, the winning icons
    will remain in place, offering you another chance at cash. King of Slots appears to have 25 paylines across 5 reels, which delivers a Super Mega Win if you get crowns across all reels, with a take of 7,500
    coins. The maximum win for the game is a stately 750,000 coins. Again, this is a NetEnt game, exclusively designed for Casino Saga, so the only place you’ll be able to play it for real cash winnings is at
    directly on their website.

    Ski Jump - Exclusive to Mr Green

    Another exclusive game was just released at Mr. Green and was developed by Genesis Gaming. If you haven’t heard much about them, they have recently taken the world of online slots by storm.
    Although they have over 150 slots out now, many of them are delivered via Microgaming’s Quickfire platform, so it’s not always obvious when you play one, unless you’re familiar with their quality.


    Ski Jump follows the latest trends in casino games, so it’s fully-themed, from the moment you launch it. You’ll choose a country and then hit the slopes, playing across 5 reels, with
    10 paylines, and 2-way pay. Wilds are included, as are cowbell scatters, which literally freeze on the reel for a respin. If you get three cowbells, you’ll get to play a bonus game with your skier.
    The animations are incredibly vivid and, included in those, are some wild jumpers. If two of them land on the same position of reels two, three, or four, on any given spin, you’ll win double.
    The reported RTP is over 96-percent for Ski Jump, which is absolutely unheard of for such a high-quality game. Generally, slots that focus on overall experience, graphics and bonus games will
    land closer to 93 percent.If you want to try your hand at Ski Jump, it’s only at Mr. Green. It’s available to play free if you’re not a member there or want to practice a bit before playing for cash.

    It looks like 2015 is off to a fantastic start with new slot releases. Ski Jump will be tough for followers to match in terms of quality and animations.
    King of Slots appears to be an integral part in the next leg of Casino Saga’s story. The only way to know how each will play out, though, is to take them for a spin, yourself.
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    OMG I think Ski Jump is really cool! I love Skiing and Slots!
    Nice article!
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    Casino Saga will launch the exclusive NetEnt Slot King of Slots on 2nd April 2015!
    I can't wait to try this slot!

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