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Jun 9, 2008
Hi friends,

Here's a few bingo details I ran into recently and would like to share with you. It will be great if you can just check it out.

One must be familiar with the rules of online bingo before attempting play. There are two types of online bingo - straight bingo and point bingo. The rules of both are the same with some variations. The game consists of a bingo card with five rows and five columns. American Bingo follows numbers which are from 1-75, while the British and Australian Bingo comprises of the numbers 1-90 which appear printed randomly on these cards. A conventional bingo card is a 5 x 5 grid card, with Bingo written across the top, in a peculiar style. The manner in which it is written is B-I-N-G-O, with each and every letter corresponding to a column under it. The central space is blank.

The game starts with the players buying, either a single bingo card or more. There are prices affixed to each and every card. The combinations of the top letter and numbers in the respective column below, on being called out, are known as the bingo numbers. For example, if B-5 were called, the player would need to look for the number ‘5’ in the 1st column under the letter B. if N-6, then the player would need to consider the number ‘6’ in the 3rd column, and so on.

The caller announces randomly generated bingo numbers. The players have to search if these numbers are available on their cards. If yes, then have to mark the combinations accordingly. In most of the online casinos, the cards are marked automatically. Five bingo numbers constitute common bingo patterns, which are either vertical, or horizontal, or diagonal lines across the card. The free space can be used for pattern completion. Before the game begins, there are numerous other variations on the typical patterns, depending on the bingo rules. The player, who is lucky to get the winning combinations, has to call out BINGO. This is where the game comes to a halt, wherein the numbers are verified. Thus, emerges a winner and it calls for a new bingo game to start, generally with new set of cards. Thus, we can see that there is no skill required to play Bingo, but, it ensures complete entertainment.

Point bingo is a variation of the game in which the players compete for a thousand points. The caller notes the points printed at the bottom of every number and notes them against the players’ names. The person who completes these points first is the winner. If the bingo is passing through the blank space, the player gets double the points. A player can get bingo with two rows in which case he gets points equal to the sum of both rows and a hundred points bonus.

In case the player gets a bingo with the center point and two rows, he gets double the totals of the two rows and additional bonus of hundred points. This combination is the winner in case another player completes bingo at the same time. In another variation, two players can play as one team. Online bingo is thus an enjoyable game where one can win a good sum of money and make good friends.


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