Understanding your casino Bonus

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Jun 1, 2008
There has been some people bashing casinos, because they don't understand the terms of there bonus.

First off you must understand the terms of the bonus if you decide to use a bonus!!!
You don't have to use a bonus if you don't want too.

If a casino wants to give you a bonus on your deposit!!

you can take the bonus if you want to , but you should allways read the terms of the bonus. Most times they tell you , that you have to spend your deposit & Bonus so many times

Example: if it tells you that you have to spend the bonus and deposit 15 times

and you make a deposit of $25.00 and the bonus is $25.00 , which means you get to play with $50.00 all together

you have to take the $50.00 and spend it 15 times , you have to spend $750 befor you can cashout.

Someone asked me :

Do you have to take the bonus on your deposit, if they give it to you?

If you don't want the bonus with your deposit, all you have to do is, let the casino know that you don't want the bonus , befor you start playing after you have made your deposit , then wait for the casino to remove the bonus befor you start playing.

Some times its better not to have a bonus at all. if you deposit $100 or more you should think about if you want the bonus, or if you want to pass it up.

I hope this gives people a better understanding of a Casino Bonus.

Thank you for you understanding in this matter

Paul Davies
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Jun 1, 2008
Well said paul, nobody ineeds to take advantage of a bonus. If one decides to use it, one should always know about the terms before.
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May 3, 2008
Thanks for this useful post Paul
I totally agree with you.

A casino is not bad, just because a player does not agree on the bonus terms.
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Jun 1, 2008
Grottoes, Virginia, U.S.A.
Great post paul, most of the time i play,
i play bonus free. This way if i hit for $500 very early during my play
i can withdraw it right away and not have to make any playthroughs.

If you make a minimum deposit and are looking for a boost for longer
playing time, then a bonus is sometimes good to use. But like Paul
said, be sure you understand all of the T&C's regarding the bonus.​
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Jan 20, 2009
Great post!!!! I really don't play using alot of bonuses myself, but have on occassion and learned; the hard way, like many I'm sure; to know the T&C before redeeming any bonus.
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Jan 25, 2009
:thank you: Paul. really helpful topic and from now on I will make sure to check t/c first before taking bonuses which I can be a :nuts: when it comes to free bonuses.....ha ha!
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