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May 3, 2008
More Guaranteed Wins at Vera&John Casino

When you visit an online casino, your focus is on having a good time but also on winning as much as you can.
It is refreshing to come across an online casino dedicated to only providing you with the most entertaining platform around, but also to keeping you as rewarded as it can.

Vera&John Casino is one such site that has developed quite a name for itself in the industry for literally guaranteeing daily wins for players.
For a long time now, the online casino’s Guaranteed Winnings policy meant that one lucky player was able to walk away with EUR 5,000 in cash each day as the result of a single lucky spin.

This month, Vera&John Casino aims to make its Guaranteed Winnings policy even more lucrative for players.
Instead of the guaranteed EUR 5K, one lucky player each day will win a whopping EUR 10,000.

This in itself is a great promotion which should see online gamblers from all over the world flocking to Vera&John Casino to try their luck in the magical May promotion.

But take note on an extra-special element of this special offer:
One lucky player will also win a single cash prize of EUR 100,000!

We’ve just given you one hundred thousand good reasons to visit Vera&John Casino and start playing.

If you thought that was the end of the extra guaranteed rewards at the online casino this month, think again!
There are even more guaranteed wins at this gaming during the course of the month as an extra way for you to win big.

First and foremost, Vera&John Casino will be running Guaranteed Coin Days.

What does this mean? In a nutshell, five lucky players will be able to claim up to 10,000 loyalty coins in a day to use towards their gaming sessions at the gaming site.
The online casino has guaranteed that if players don’t reach this sum, it will top up the coins of the five players with the highest coin scores on the day.

Another guaranteed feature of the month are called Guaranteed Wish Days.

This is your key to winning a dream prize that YOU decide on.
On certain days of the month of May, Vera&John Casino will hold Wish days where you can earn wish tickets through play at the site.
At the end of the day, a draw will be held with the main prize being the chance to win a dream prize of your choice valued at up to EUR 2,000.
The more you play, the more tickets you will be able to earn and the higher your chances of winning this cool prize.

We highly encourage you to visit Vera&John online casino and check out the calendar so that you can time your gaming sessions and enjoy the very best benefits available to you.
The online casino boasts over 700 top notch games by various software groups, as well as a welcome bonus for new players in the form of a 100% match offer.
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