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May 3, 2008
Vera&John Casino Launches Olympic Inspired Promotion

The Olympic Games are due to kick off in Rio de Janeiro in the coming weeks, and online casinos are gearing up to keep their players part of the action.
At Vera&John Casino, you can really feel the excitement in the air as the site invites you to join the ranks of top players and compete for a place on the winner’s podium.

If you want to be part of the VJ Games 2016, then you are invited to spin your way to a spectacular victory and take home your own gold.

Vera&John Casino are giving away an Olympic-size prize pool worth EUR 60,000!

The VJ Games will inspire players from all around the world to compete, but your mission to be among the elite few to call themselves champions and take honorary position on the podiums.
You will be able to compete in any of the three exciting tournament events during the VJ Games 2016. The objective will be to climb to the top in order to win one of the final cash prizes.
Earn your tickets during gameplay and if you are a top player, you will go through to the next round and get one step closer to grabbing an incredible cash prize.

There are three events that will run at Vera&John Casino until August 26th 2016 – Swimming, Gymnastics and Track & Field.
The EUR 60,000 prize pool will be split between the top 3 players in each of the events, and all you need to get started is 250 coins.

To reach the final rounds of any of the three tournaments, you need to have won a ticket from the previous round of qualifiers.
Only 50 players get a chance to participate in each final, and you will need to fight your way to the top to earn a ticket into one of the Round 3 Qualifiers which take place from August 23rd to August 26th.

Qualify for Round 3 by winning a spot on the Round 2 leaderboard. Place in the top 25 to earn two tickets into Round 3 or buy you way in for 500 coins or a EUR 200 deposit.
Two qualifiers take place for each event in Round 2, and they will run between August 10th and 17th 2016!

If you don’t manage to make the qualifiers, you can buy tickets into Round 3 for 1,000 coins, or through a deposit of EUR 400.

A ticket to Round 1 will set you back just 250 coins or a EUR 100 deposit, and if you place in the top 25 players, you earn 3 tickets into Round 2.
There are four qualifiers for each of the tournaments in Round 1, which run from now until August 9th.

Are you ready for the action at Vera&John Casino? Then make your way to the starting line, take your marks, get set and GO!
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