very large casino bonuses ???

Discussion in 'Lets Talk about gambling and more...' started by AfelG, Dec 7, 2013.

  1. AfelG

    AfelG Member

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm happy to announce that, for me, the time spent on this forum today, by far, overtakes the time spent on all the social networks taken together :D and I'm enjoying it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just one and only thing that bugs me is that it logs me off every 5 minutes or so. :(

    Just got one question - Has anybody been successful playing casino in operators' website who offer very large amounts of sign up bonuses? I'm talking about 500-3000 bonuses.

    at first glance my logic tells me that offering someone 3000 Euros bonus means a guaranteed loss. Maybe I'm wrong. Just want to have a first hand advice from people who been successful or who got idea.

    Want to know this, sort of, from head to toe before I decide to jump in or never :)

    OK let me copy the text, relogin and post this :hitme:
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  2. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Hello AfelG
    So nice to read you enjoying it here. Thank you! :)

    Did you check the remember me box right beside the login button?

    It could be also browser related that you keep getting logged off here, or maybe PC security settings.

    About large casino bonuses:
    Well I am not a fan of large casino bonuses, I am not good in meeting the wager requirements, this could be a really time intensive task.
    Naa, this is not for me.

    Some smaller bonuses I do take, but then also from casinos where I know they have fair terms.
    Sometimes it is really not easy to read through the terms jungle. There are casinos which don't allow certain games to be played with bonuses.
    If you then still have played that games with a bonus, it could be that you will not get paid your winnings.

    Some do exclude games from wagering, means ok you can play those games, but it will not count to fullfill the bonus playtrhough.

    So or so, it is always very important to read general terms and conditions PLUS bonus terms carefully.
    If you doubt, please ask the casino support to clarify, and I advice to save email or chat conversations.
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  3. AfelG

    AfelG Member

    Thnx a lot for the help - I've ticked the box now with the hope that won't be logged off again :)

    I also whenever apply for bonus, always ask the CS to send me all the T&C on my email. just in case :D there are websites out there you cannot even find where the hell is that terms & conditions :)
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  4. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Great, let me know then please if it works now :)

    Yes, I hate it if you cannot find the terms easy, I find this alerting and tells me to better stay away from that specific online casino or betting site.
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  5. AfelG

    AfelG Member

    Yaaaay it works now! thnx

    whoop whoop :)
  6. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Super, glad I could help :)
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  7. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    Hi AfelG, thank you for you nice post!
    I have pretty much the same answer as Marina. I never claim these super high bonus offers.
    But I simply don't like the idea that I can't cash out when I want. Because of the super high rollover requirements.
    And to be honest, I hardly claim Bonus match offers.
    If i can play, i like to play with my own money
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