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Jul 17, 2008
Have any of you ever played any of the video poker games that some states allow? I think they can be fun but I have never won any substantial money playing, plus they always tend to be located in some pretty questionable places so I tend to shy away from that.
Thats Funny You Asked. I Grew Up In A Pool Room{billiards} That Had These Poker Machines, And I Used To Play Them Along With My Father. I Love Video Poker Machines, But They Can Drain A Bankroll Very Quickly roflmao.

My Dad Once Accidently Had The $1 Bet Selected, Instead Of The $.25 Bet. lol

Then He Was Playing 4 Credits At A Time Thinking He Was Betting $1, But Instead Was Betting $4 roflmao, And Ended Up Hitting A Straight Flush Or Something Winning Like $2000.

I've Played Them Very Little Recently, But Probably The Last Time I Played Was About 9 Yrs Ago, And I Had 2 Straight Flushes Dealt To Me And Ended Up Winning Like $300.{playing $.25 Cent A Credit}.

They Are Lots Of Fun To Me, But I Try To Stay Away From Them, Because Usually The Machine Needs To Take In Alot Of Money, Before It Will Payout Big.

Just My Thoughts On It.​
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that's a great reply- unfortuntaely I have never been able to win on those things. No accidental bets for me. Everything I have lost on there totally my fault and have not played in years.

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