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Jun 2, 2008
Has anyone noticed who play the richreels and villento $75 private tournys notice that the player... youcantbeatme ... wins 1st place often or is at least in the money everytime. This guy always rebuys, but he is always in the position to rebuy. What I mean about that is he always has a good start to make him want to rebuy. My conclusion is that the casino knows he rebuys therefore putting him in the position from the start to do so.
I contacted the casino about him about 4 months ago asking if it was possible that he may have some kind of software that he uses to make him hit more often. I told them about how absolute poker was manipulated by someone seeing hole cards of everyone at the table because they were supposed to be secure.
They wrote back saying that the tournys were monitored the same way as every game. They said he was probably on a lucky streak. Damn i wish I had a 6 month lucky streak. I 'm just curious because the name says it all youcantbeatme. HMM i guess even the casino can't beat him or there something going on.
i did get $20 from richreels for the inquiry of this guy which makes me more suspicious. But it was nice of them to do so.

I know people have lucky streaks and unlucky streaks but this is rediculous. I played at the gaming club and won twice with no rebuys and more people and i don't play there as often as richreels which i play everyday almost every tourny freeroll. yet i won $5 once for last place when the tournys first started.

Anyone else notice this. I bet if you go there anytime hes playing the freerolls hell be in the money at the end of the tourny.
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Jun 1, 2008
Grottoes, Virginia, U.S.A.
Yes tking, i did just notice this
as i just completed the freerolls at Villento's and was wondering
how this guy always seems to jump ahead of everyone else. I haven't hit the
free spins in any of the tournaments for literally my last 15-18 tournaments.
If its all about luck, then this is completely ridiculous because it must be
one hell of a unlucky streak for me not to even hit the freespins. But to answer
your question i have noticed that name a quite a few times myself,
but never paid that much attention to how often it happens. It does make
you wonder sometimes doesn't it? I do have complete trust in These casinos
though, and continue to play there until something turns out to be more than
a coincident.​
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May 5, 2008
I did notice that he plays there quite often.

But I still love these 2 places. Rich Reels Casino, Villento Casino​
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Jun 1, 2008
i have noticed the same thing. i play there at the freerolls practically everyday and havent won very much but i consider the fact that they are FREE rolls so i dont give it much thought if i dont win. if i were spending alot of money to participate i would be more upset. maybe we can get on one of those 6 month winning streaks:rudolph:


Oct 31, 2008
It is hard to decipher donkeys from possible shady play. I have been almost convinced about a cheater once or twice before. It's really hard to tell. There have to be some hackers out there that can do it, and of course, in house employees at software providers. It would be best to just play somewhere else. You will have that name on your mind,YOUCANBEATME, anyways, instead of winning on your mind.:merrychristmas:

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