Wass Poker Is Back With A $100 Freeroll!

1 Free Chance at Casino Classic
It keeps telling me the password is wrong... Help!

cr@p.. i figured it out,lol... 20 min before it started is when i started the download and registration,lol.. i was sweating i wasnt going to make it,lol

thanks for the freeroll!

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Lol i noticed Dmoney"s butt was already sitting there yesterday.lol What you doing D keeping a chair warm untill we come gunning for you.haha Good luck to all today

LOL!! Thanks Not Completely True Dogbites, I Only Registered There Early This Morning.Had To Make Sure The PW Was Working And To Find My Seat I'll Call Home Once Again! lol

See All Of You At The Tables! Good Luck And Have A Great Time!!​
Awwww Mooley
Well next weekend we having again something
So dont pack your poker kneepads away, rof

All that racing around and I was out in a minute! LOL Next time!

So sorry cambaby, wish you better luck next time :kiss:
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