Wass Poker's Luckbox Promotion, Win Up To $6,000!



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Jun 1, 2008
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Wass Poker has a new promotion in January with $6,000 in cash and prizes are up for grabs! The Wass Poker Luckbox pormotion brings a whole new level of excitement for earning comp points while you play. Like the voice in Indiana Jones and the Temple Of Doom said, "Please choose, Choose wisely!" Why, you say? This is how it works:

Play in your favorite cash games, sit-n-go's, and multi-table tournaments to earn comp points while you play. Each time you reach a certain amount of comp points, you will be granted a choice of 3 Luckbox's. Choose wisely because each Luckbox contains a different amount of cash to win. Don't worry, if you make the worst choice, you are still a winner, just the prize won't be as much! The amount of cash in the boxes increases with the comp point levels and in total there is over $6,000 that can be won if you reach all the comp point levels and pick the correct boxes!

The Luck-A-Box promotion will run from January 1 - 31 (inclusive), 2009. On January 31 at midnight (Server Time) the checklist will cease recording completed tasks and no further comp points will count towards cash prizes.​

Get Lucky At Wass Poker With The $6,000 Lucky Luckbox Promotion!​
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