Weeks Bingo Bonus Tourney

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    Weeks Bingo Bonus Tourney
    Tourney Room opens at 1PM
    Penny games play from 1PM to 4 PM
    Tourney 1 (Teams) plays from 4 PM to 6 PM
    Intermission games 6 PM to 7 PM
    Tourney 2 plays from 7 PM to 9 PM

    All Tourneys are played from Monday through Friday (4 pm. to 6 pm. Teams) and 7 pm. To 9 pm.

    Pre-Buys are Mandatory upon entry to qualify for any tournament.
    Games Schedule
    Monday Night: Pair Bingo (Teams) and Royal Fish Feast
    Tuesday Nights: Dragons - Damsels (Teams) and Royal Treasures
    Wednesday Nights: Kings & Queens and Whacked Out Wednesdays
    Thursday Night: Crusaders (Knights, Wizards & Bishops) (Teams) and Happy Hours
    Friday Night: Knaves (Paupers-Peasants-Wenches and Jesters) (Teams) and Chariot Races

    Note: Keno will be played at random times
    All deposits for Bonus Tourney will be put into a drawing at the end of the month. Only two lucky winners will receive $100 in CASH.

    To play just make a deposit of $50 or more from Sunday through Friday and partake in our Week’s Bingo Bonus Tourney. One deposit is good for all FIVE nights, both tournaments!
    All Tourneys are played from 4 pm. to 6 pm. & 7 pm. To 9 pm., Monday through Friday in our Special Bonus Tourney Room.

    1st week 1 entry
    1st and 2nd week 2 entries
    1st, 2nd and 3rd week 3 entries
    ALL 4 weeks8 entries!

    · Pre-Buys are available 1 hour before and after the game session and are greatly appreciated. (4 pm. to 5 pm. and 10 pm. to 11 pm.)
    · You must be playing cards to be eligible for Tourney room prize- You must give acknowledgment to qualify for any tournament

    Tourney Pack- ‘Fish Bowl’

    Bingo on the Fish bowl ‘number’ and shout ‘Fish Bowl’ to WIN! Fish Bowl starts out at 5 BBs every night. If not one wins, the ‘Fish Bowl’ keeps on increasing by 5BBs until its won!

    All promotion times shown here are in Eastern Time (USA East Coast)
    GMT + five hours / European time + six hours

    $25 no deposit at 123 Bingo Online
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