Weird Bets - Part Two

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    You were probably familiarized with how weird bets can get by reading part one of our weird bets series. If you are anything like us,
    you found it sort of interesting. Who wouldn’t be a little bit intrigued by a man who bet that he could stand in the ocean for hours on end?

    We have compiled yet another list of weird bets, round two, just for your reading pleasure. Enjoy the bizarre weirdness of these strange gambles.


    One of the most recent weird bets took place during the 2014 World Cup. A soccer player by the name of Luis Suarez has something of a reputation for biting his opponents during the heat of the game.
    A bet was started on a Norwegian gambling website offering astonishing 175-1 odds that Suarez would once again prove to be a chomper during the 2014 World Cup. He had done so twice in the past,
    and many confident gamblers rose to the occasion and placed their bets. The outcome? You guessed it. Suarez went ahead and pulled his shark-like move on an Italian opponent. The outcome was
    not-so-great for Luis Suarez, who likely faces quite a fine and possible suspension. However, it definitely turned out well for the individuals who betted on his biting habits. Supposedly, 167 betters
    profited from the bet on the bite with one of the betters winning over $3,000.



    When you think gambling, you probably don’t think ferrets. However, ferrets are the stars of one of the most popular charity betting games in Britain. The game is appropriately entitled Ferret Bingo.
    The game is pretty straight forward. A cute and confused ferret enters a special Ferret Bingo cage. The cage has seven exits, each with a number. Those who are playing the Ferret Bingo game make their
    bets on which exit the ferret will take to emerge from his strange cage. Winning this bet is truly only due to chance; however, you have to admit that any gambling game involving cute animals is always a win.

    Long Walks

    Supposedly, in the year 1907 two men were discussing whether or not a man could walk all the way around the world. One of the men claimed that no one could walk completely around
    the globe without being recognized by someone. This began a rather strange bet.

    A man named Harry Bensley heard about the claim and decided that it was up to him to prove that it was, in fact, possible to travel all the way around the world without being recognized by anyone.
    He was to be awarded one hundred thousand dollars if he could do so. Apparently, the wager included a stipulation stating that Harry had to walk around the world armed with only one pair of underwear,
    a pram, and a metal helmet. Included in the bet was the stipulation that he had make a wife upon the way, refrain from telling anyone his real identity, and sell postcards of himself. In 1908 Harry left town,
    cheered on by a large crowd on New Year’s Day. Fast forward six years and envision Harry returning to England. He had made it mostly around the world but was hindered due to the outbreak of World War I. Supposedly, the man who had originally made the bet awarded Harry handsomely for his endeavors.

    The next time you think you have made an outlandish bet, consider this article. If your bet is cooler than ferrets, biting humans, or walking all the way around the world in a metal helmet…
    you can rest assured you are the coolest of cool. Other strange bets that have taken place recently include bets as to who the first member to leave One Direction will be, whether or not the
    next James Bond would be black, and when alien life will be discovered and scientifically proven. Has this article inspired you to bet creatively? We hope so. Just keep it legal, please.
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    It's odd what people will bet on.

    Love reading this stuff.
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