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Jun 1, 2008
I won in a contest,75, to a microgaming casino, i have been played slots for over 3 years and spend a lot of money but i seems not to be able to cash out. What slot do you guys play on and how can i ever been able to cash out, please give me some tricks or other advais. mulle22:sad::sad::sad::sad:
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great question mulle. you always
have to keep in mind if there is a playthrough.
That makes cashing out tough. I've had
some great luck with Kathmandu and Ladies
night. Usually the slots that have
the bonus rounds work for me.​
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Hey My Friend, Just To Add My 2 Cents Worth In, I've Had Some Luck With Prime Property. Sometimes This Slot Gets On A "Hot Streak" And I've Hit like 10x The Freespins Within An Hour Or So. Once You Hit This Bonus, It Gives You like 24 Boxes To Chose From And You Could Win Up To I Think 36 Free Spins At A 6x Multiplier.

I Have Done This A Few Times, As Well As High 20 Something And 30 Something Spins At 4x Or More Multipliers.

The Thing I Do Is Pick Out Of 3 Rows Which I Think The"Start Free Spins" Box Is, And Pick Everything Else In The Other Rows. If You Guess which Row The "Start free Spins" Is In, You Will Win Alot Of Free Spins And Multipliers.

Also, I Think The Age Of Dicovery Slot Is Also A Great One.

These Bonus Games Here Puts The The Prizes In Your Hands, Which I Mean By Your Choice, You Could Win Alot More Or Alot Less.

Another Thing I Try Not To Spend So Much Time Playing Is Video Slots With Bonuses That The Triggering Symbols Have To Be In A Certain Order.{Like Consecutive Reels}

I Also Play Only Video Slots With Bonus Rounds. When I'm Doing Good, I Can Win Alot Of Money With the Bonus Rounds.

I Stay Away From All The Other Casino Games, Blackjack, Video Poker, etc.

And I Also Stay Away From 3 Reel Slots.

Alot Of Times, When I Hit A Bonus Round On A Slot, I Will Spin 20 More Times Or So, And see What Happens, If I'm Not Hitting Much, I Will Move On To the Next Slot.

Then Try To Hit the Bonus Round On The Next One.

I'm Not Saying I Don't Play Some Of The Progressive Slots Without Bonuses, But I Wait till I Get My Bankroll Up A Bit Before Playing Them.

And I Also Usually Bet Small Maybe $.20 - $.80 Cents Until I Get Up Over $150 Or So, And Raise My Bet Very Little.

Hope These Tips Helps You Win A Bit More Soon!​
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thank you so much for your answer, i will try these slots as you say. mulle22:thank you:
You Are Quite Welcome Mulle,
I Just Hope These Stratagies Work For You As They Have Me.
Just Remember, Sometimes No Matter What You Do,
It Seems That No Slot Is Great.

Also Try:

Quest For Beer

Look For The Free Spins That Offer Great Multipliers.

Break The Bank Again Is A Good Example, In the Bonus Round , Win With The 5x Symbol, And Its Multiplied By 25x. But tHis Slot Doesn't Hit Big For Me Very Often. I Do Like To Play It, But Will Not Spend Much Time On It.

Avalon Is Another With Good Multipliers But I Don't Seem To Have Alot Of Luck With tHis Slot.

Santa Paws Has A 2x-7x Mystery Multiplier

Polar Bash Has A Good Multiplier As well.[ could range 2x-25x on each winning spin in the bonus round]

Just Want To Say To You:

:winner: Good Luck, And I Hope You Win Big!! :winner:​
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