What game do you play?

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Jun 1, 2008
Ontario, Canada
I love the microgaming casinos but always find myself playing the same games. Which ones do you all play and find pay the best???? Just wondering want to try some new ones but don't know which are good.
I Would Say I've Had Good Luck On Little Chief Big Cash, Katmandu{A Kotsy Favorite hehe}, Path Of The Penguin, Prime Property, Curry In A Hurry, Mega Moolah, And Age Of Dicovery. I Play A Huge Selection Of Games In A Microgaming Casino. But There Are Some I Try To Avoid. Any Slots That Do Not Have A Bonus I Stay Away From. Also, Any Slots Usually That You Have To Have The Bonus Symbols On A Payline Or Have To Be In A Row. Once I Get Up A Bit, After Playing My Favorite Games, I May Try Some Of These Other Games With Bonuses That Have To Be In A Row, But Do Not Spend Much Time On Them If I Don't Hit A Bonus Early. The Key For Me Is To Always Change Games Frequently Usually After Hitting A Bonus Or 2. If I Hit The 1st Bonus, I'll Make About Another 10-20 Spins Because Sometimes The Bonuses Hit Pretty Good. If They Are Not Hitting Pretty Good, Then Change Games And Try Something Else. Also Another Good Game Is Any That Have A Free Spin Win Multiplier. Nothing Like Hitting A Big Hit With A 8x Multiplier To Kick It Off. Try This Stratagy And See How It Works For You My Friend.
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I´m quite boring..lol...playing mostly the same slots for years. I love the old tombraider, mermaids millions and thunderstruck. I do not like the most of the newer slots, beside hitman what I like from time to time.
That sounds like a good strategy think i'll give it a whirl. Try some of those games to the only one that i ever do play from your list is mega moolah

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