What Not To Do During a Game of Texas Hold’em

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May 3, 2008
Texas Hold’em is an ever-popular game that is played at casinos and online all over the globe. The game gained popularity after two Texans taught people how to play in New Orleans.
Although many people know how to play Texas Hold’em, you may be surprised at how many people are unaware of a few simple “no-nos” of the game. If you are a new player or even a
seasoned veteran on the gambling scene, you may find these tips about what not to do during a game of Texas Hold’em rather interesting. In fact, they might even help you get that win you
have been waiting for. Take the time to look over the tips below so that you can up your Texas Hold’em game by a significant margin.

Do Not Lose Your Focus

Concentration is key in a lot of things, but concentration is especially important during a game of Texas Hold ‘em. As in any poker-based game, Texas Hold’em requires a great deal of wit and insight.
How else are you supposed to tell if someone is bluffing or not? If you remain oblivious to the nervous twitching of a losing opponent or the confident glint in the eye of an opponent with a good hand,
you are effectively throwing yourself under the bus. The losing bus. In order to “stay awake” during a Texas Hold’em game, try paying attention to each players turn as if it were your own. Stay away
from watching the television behind your opponent to see whether or not the squirrel in the insurance commercial gets squished or not. And, if an attractive individual walks by your table, use your
willpower of steel to prevent yourself from goggly-eying him or her. Chances are, you will miss a key aspect of your poker game if you are eying a pretty lady or handsome gentleman across the floor
(and don’t pretend you have never done it).

Do Not Listen to Music

Many people these days bring their mp3 players or iPods with them when they sit down for a game of cards. Some insist that the music “pumps them up” or gets them in their groove. However, research
indicates that human beings are really not-so-great at multi tasking. If you think you can listen to music and focus on a game of Texas Hold’em with the same degree of accuracy, you are direly mistaken.
Also, much of the talk that goes on at a poker table can be useful in determining what is really going on behind the players’ masked faces. If a face does not give a player away, his voice or his comments most
certainly will. Stay alert! Listening to the latest beats may make you a hip individual, but it probably will not help you win a round of Texas Hold’em.

Do Not Be Overly Enthusiastic About a Hand

Some people get all love struck and twitter pated about a certain hand, and suddenly become the most optimistic individuals in the entire casino. Some people get nostalgic about certain card lineups because
said lineups have allowed them to win or do well during gambling games in the past. However, blindly laying down your favorite set of cards just because you love them so much may not guarantee you a victory.
Chances are, if you overestimate the power of your hand, someone probably has a better hand lying in wait. We like optimism and we do not want you to walk out of the casino with a little rain cloud above your
head. However, while playing Texas Hold’em, it can be a good idea to remain realistic.

Don’t Play Too Many or Too Few Hands

Both complete novices and seasoned Texas Hold’em experts make these mistakes on a fairly regular basis. Poker is a very fun game, and most people are eager to have a turn and get some gameplay action
instead of just watching everyone else have their fun. However, patience is an important element of playing poker. Laying down hands just because you feel bored is a not-so-great idea. Those who play too
few hands reveal that they are stingy poker players and may end up not playing their winning hands simply because they are nervous about laying out their cards. Therefore, as with many things in life, you
must aim to achieve a healthy balance when playing Texas Hold’em.

Hopefully, these tips will help you remember what not to do while playing one of America’s favorite poker games. We think they might even tip you right over the edge and give you the win you have been
waiting for. The next time you visit the Texas Hold’em table, you will be approaching your opponents a little wiser - and that is to be respected.
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May 5, 2008
Some great tips for the poker player!

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