When i'm 100, if i lean a little, let me!

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The family wheeled Grandma out on the lawn,
in her wheelchair,where the activities for her
100th birthday were taking place.

Grandma had a mild stroke,
couldn't speak very well,
but she could write notes when she
needed to communicate.

After a short time out on the lawn,
Grandma started leaning off to the right,
so some family members grabbed her,
straightened her up,
and stuffed pillows on her right.

A short time later,
she started leaning off to her left,
soagain the family grabbed her
and stuffed pillows on her left.

Soon she started leaning forward,
so the family members again grabbed her
and then tied a pillowcase a round
her waist to holdher up.

A grandson, who arrived late,
came up to Grandma and said,
'Hi,Grandma, you're looking good!
How are they treating you?'

Grandma took out her little notepad
and slowly wrote a note
to the nephew...

'They won't let me fart.'

Have a Fun Friday Everyone!​
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Jun 1, 2008
Vicky, my love, you are a sick twisted woman...But I like that about you.

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May 3, 2008
Hey Vicky
wanna know how Johnny acted when i told him earlier bout you and Desperado?

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