Who are you? Where are you from? - Introduce yourself!

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May 3, 2008

We here at Bonus Paradise consider us a "family".
We love to get to know our members
and where they're from.

Post a little bit about yourself.
Tell us your likes and dislikes.
Favorite sites, favorite online gambling games,
are you married, single, do you have children ...
Where do you live, where would you like to live? ...
Anything you want!

Thank you and Welcome to Bonus Paradise.​
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Well now, I shall start off.

I just love my home at "Bonus Paradise". Been a part of this since the beginning.
I have known my dear Marina for years. And just love her to bits.

Live in the grand ole USA in the state of New Hampshire.

We have the mountains, the oceans and lakes.

Great hubby of 26 yrs and one son of the ripe old age of 12.

I work full time as a Social Worker and just love my job.

My commute stinks though........rof​
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Hi all, I'm from Croatia, nice country with a beautiful Adriatic sea.I'm 32 year old,playing poker for about 2 years.Good luck all.Cheers:kiss:
Just joined live in Docaster Uk ,been playing about 11 months .Biggest win so far GGE 13 on pokerkings $2500:p
WOWW Kevathallam!!
You did impressed us!!
Thats awsom and thank you very much for your screenie!!
Welcome to bonusparadise hun...!
If you have any questions you can always PM(personal message)one of our awsome staff members!!
Please enter our poker freeroll,and give it a try in our contest we have running at the moment!

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Hi Davy. Welcome to Bonus Paradise. Take a look at all the contests
and poker happenings.

Watch for new and great things to come with poker.​
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Well dogbites here from Alberta Canada.Been into gambling for about 25 years and might just make another 25 years.lol My dislikes about gambling are the casinos that rob you blind.It hasnt always been bad luck for this old dog.A few years ago i free rolled myself within 5 places of a seat in Vegas for the big one.Oneday i might just hit it.
Glad to have you here dogbites
and thanks for sharing.

Just curious how you got your nick name?

It would be so cool to see a member get their way
to Vegas. The only thing is that you'd have to wear a Bonus
Paradise T-Shirt......rof​
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A Bp shirt sure just as long as its not pink.lol My nickname i used when i first started online gambling,and it has stuck with me since.I look at it this way.If your losing your butt all the time it feels like being bitten in the butt by a dog.
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ok dogbites, making a mental note here.....no pink t-shirt.

but now comes dunemoon and they have pink flamingos in Florida. rof

welcome here dunemoon. ya interested in a pink t-shirt?​
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Welcome All You Guys, Glad To See All Of You Here!You Guys Are What Makes BP Tick And We Realize That, And Try To Reward You Guys With The Best That Online Gambling Has To Offer!

Kevathallam And Davy Jones Sure Glad You 2 Could Make It.

2nd And 3rd Place Finishers Behind Me Today In A Freeroll I Played As I Took 1st From Them,Figured The Least I Could Do Is Invite Them To Get Their Revenge On Me Next Weekend! :D

Hope You Guys Stick Around, There Will Be Alot Of New Things Happening In The Poker World Along With Bonus Paradise Being Involved!

Its Gonna Be Great!​
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Welcome welcome
its great to have you here
hey Davy, Croatia is really beautiful,
I am born and grown up in Austria
not so far from you, lol

Wow, Kevathallam, cool win!
Keep up and please make sure you wont forget
to show us your next big wins.

Dogbites, I am glad we have ya here, you living up the board always, lol

HI dunemoon, 1 day I will visit Floriday for sure
Need to show our little Sarah Micky Mouse, lol

Yeah Dmoney,
lot will happen here with Poker and much more.

Hey guys, why no pink shirts, lmao
I find pink nice, hahhha

Na really, We planning to make BP shirts and members can get some,
I think we do that then with the rep points you earn here,
like as soon u have a specific points amount
we contact you and ask where we may send the shirt.
Think this would be a nice idea.
And we have more ideas how to reward members.
Just allow us some time to get all in order here.

Love ya guys and thanks for being a part of Bonus Paradise
Its you the members who make BP.​
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Hi, i am chatty and i live in India. I am 20 years old guy, well yet to get marry and i study. And i am planning to study M.B.A.,may be the next month. I love playing with my pets and its my favorite pass-time too. I have a cat and a dog at home. I am sick of breakfast and being alone. yup, thats all about me and hi to everyone..:p
Hey chatty
thanks for the nice post
yes its sure not nice to be allone.
Nice to hear you have Pets, We having 2 Cats, lol

Enjoy our gambling forum
Nice to have you here.
Welcome Everyone! Glad To Have You Guys Here.

Poor Chatty, Hope You Find A Home Here , No Part Of tHe World Is Far From Paradise.

Do You Play Poker, If Not You May Want To Start Learning In Your Free Time! hehe

Hope We Can Help Fill that Void Of Free Time In Your Life, If You Need Anything Around Here, Let Us Know, We'll Do What We Can To Help!

Glad To Have Ya!​
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Hi all, I'm Shaggy from the northwest of Germany. I'm a 32 year old poker player(sometimes a "donk") and a big "mg" slots fan. I play poker offline since almost 10 years and started the cyberspace gambling a few month ago. I have more fun with the online thing but I'm not really successful. :sad:
I have to gain more experience to be a :winner: and perhaps you can help me if I may join your "family".

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Hello Shaggy
Welcome , Willkommen!
Of course you may join our family,
we love to have you here and welcome you with open arms.
Thanks for your nice post about yourself.
Listen, in my 1st few month in online gambling, I did also not win, lol
but later then I had a run, then again lost, lol
it comes and goes, but I do enjoy online gambling more
than in landbased casinos.

You also will find some cool poker friends here, I am sure about.

Please have also a look in our contest room.
We always give away nice free chips
and run also some cool contests for depositors.
The current contests ending soon.
Then on 1st July new ones will be posted again.

Super to have another german member here!
Seaman63 is our german schatzie here, haha
he is sure happy to see ya here.

I am from Austria, Tyrol and live now in Holland.
So, alles roger hier!
Nett dass du zu uns gefunden hast!​
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