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Jul 17, 2008
Do you all think that online gambling hurts anyone besides those who play? That is always the big argument against gambling as a whole, that it is destructive to not only the players but also the families. What do you think?
Gambling like anything else
is ok as long as it's done in moderation...
saying Gambling is bad for everyone...
is like saying everyone who drinks a beer
is an alcoholic...
As long as you are not causing any suffering
to your family...
AND you use it for a form of recreation,
set your limits and stick to them....
Then I say...
Happy Gambling Everyone!
I completely agree with you Vicky. I am not the type who has unlimited resources to gamble with so I guess it is all relative to what you have to gamble away or how much you can actually risk and still be financially sound. It hurts no one but me if I lose it all.
Why are there so many people against gambling anyway? It is my money and I should be able to spend it how i want to. I can see how some might find it dangerous but like everything else if you do it in moderation you will be fine.
Why are there so many people against gambling anyway? It is my money and I should be able to spend it how i want to. I can see how some might find it dangerous but like everything else if you do it in moderation you will be fine.
I think some People have an "Holier Than Thou" attitude or personality...Kind of like the ex-smoker who loves to preach the evils of smoking every chance they get...Makes them feel Superior I guess...
as long as you are not hurting anyone I say "Live and Let Live"
We all have choices in our lives that we make.If gambling is one of them then we should know what affect it has on us and our family.Vicky is right on what she stated are true facts.But i have also seen the other side of this to.I"ve had a few friends do themselfs in over gambling.
Was it a pretty bad situation? There have been times when I have watched people in casinos gamble and know that they are throwing away an entire week's pay and then some but they are helpless to stop. It can be kind of sad.
I shouldn't even get started on this topic because i could go on forever. I whole heartedly believe the true words of my dear friend Vicki.
Stick to limits, gamble in moderation, and use as entertainment. But As A True Addicted Gambler, This Sometimes Id Hard For Them To Do. As Dogbites Said, It is a choice, that we as humans make.
Now, my opinion, the government should NEVER tell me that i can not gamble online or tell me how to spend my money the way i want, because i may hurt myself or others financially?BOLOGNA!

I'm Also A Smoker, Smoke At Least 1 Pack A Day, Mabye 2 at times.

Think about this, they say its hurtful for people to gamble, its a very bad thing right? bla bla bla. What about alcohol, cigarettes, guns? By using any of these, Statistics show, that they really do hurt peoplebesides other family. How many people DIE from smoking? How many people get lung cancer From 2nd hand smoke? How many people get killed in alcohol related vehicle crashes? How many people DIE from Drinking too much? How many people DIE from guns every day?

But yet, The government doesn't step in and ban these actions or products. You know why?Because they see billions of dollars in revenue or taxes from these products.The reason I think they want to outlaw online gambling? Because our govenment hasn't figured out a way to get their fair share of profit from online gambling.{period!}

You know what really burns my ass about this though? Not that i go to work And have to pay about 30% to the government for taxes, pay taxes on everything i buy, not the death tax, a tax people have to pay when they die{absurd!}, but the bother is this....

If gambling is SO BAD for me, That it hurts me and others around me, Its a terrible addiction, So bad that the government wants to tell me how to spend the rest of my hard earned money, then why is this.....

In my state of Virginia, the state in which i live, We have Billions of dollars spent every year on the STATE LOTTERY!

In my state, we have the pick 3, pick 4, cash 5, and the win for life lottery drawings EVERYDAY!Then we have the lotto south and the mega millions that are drawn 2 times a week. It used to be that the lottery was only drawn 6 days a week, no drawing on sunday. But they seen that adding sunday drawings could bring them even more money, so about 2 years ago, the added sunday to the lottery. Now there is a drawing every day of the week!{and they say gambling is bad for me?} also, not to mention, the scratch off lottery ticketsand there are stores that carry literally about 100 different kinds of lottery scratch off tickets!

The prices for these tickets? They have $1, $2, $5, $10, And $20 Scratchoff Tickets! also, They have invented 2 more games from the instant drawings machine, instant bingo and dodgeball. Bingo, It Prints A Ticket Out Like A Bingo Card, And Pre Drawn Numbers For You To Mark Your Card With. The Dodgeball Game Is Similar To That,Except The More Numbers You Miss The More You Win.

Now with ALL OF THIS SAID!{sorry this is so long, but this is a frustrating topic for me}

They ARE GONNA TELL ME THAT GAMBLING IS SOOOO BAADDDD FOR PEOPLE? There Are Billions Of Dollars Spent Every Year On The Lottery, And This Is Just My State! And They Are Gonna Say Gambling Is Bad For Me And Tell Me That I Can't Gamble Online? Total Crock Of BULL!!!

This Is So Hippocritical, That Its Not Even Funny! So , Really, Don't Say That Gambling Is Bad For Me And Others Around Me, Just Tell Me.....

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Hmmm well typed out there Dmoney.Yes that is probley very true that your government hasnt found a way to tax online gambling as of yet.Most of these site we play on i bet are owned be Americans.I know that most of the severs that run these casino/poker site are right here in Canada.And to top it all off with there on a indain reserve.But if the government doesnt get there piece of the pie WE in any country lose our freedom of choice.
Guys I want to say only a few short words here
Gambling should always entertain you,
no matter online or in a landbased casino.

about Tax
well gambling affiliates pay their taxes
Casinos pay their taxes...

About State lotteries , as Dmoney mentioned already
Yeah State lotteries, your chances to win there are no even worth to mention
They making money like crazy with this kind of things,

What I want to say is, the governments , no matter which one
they always getting their peace of the cake
Has always been so, will ever be so (seems)
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you are so right- if they were not getting their fair share I dare say they would not allow it anyway.
Gambling only hurts the gambler- it is a harmless activity when played the right way and I have to say I just do not ever understand what all of the fuss is about.
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