Why People Gamble - the Psychological Side of Gambling

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    The clatter of the chips, the buzz on the floor, the ecstasy of winning, and the thrill of the risk—these and other stimulants
    seem to continue driving people to casinos and online gambling sites. What are the mental buttons that gambling pushes, the enzymes
    that it releases into the bloodstream, that want us crave for just one more bet?

    The Psychological Reasons for Gambling
    Different people gamble for different reasons, reasons that largely depend upon each individual's psychology. More recently, however, there's been some
    research about the genetic side of gambling as well, and it has been demonstrated that a certain gene named DRD1 might be responsible for addictive gambling behavior.
    Here are the psychological reasons behind why gambling always fascinates and entertains us.

    The Excitement of the Risk
    Gambling is a game of chance. The only thing common among all gambling indulgences is an element of risk. The anticipation of a victory and the fear of a loss release adrenaline
    into the gamblers' bloodstream, creating a natural high that many of us can't seem to live without. It's the same feeling that a base jumper has when plunging off a cliff.
    The only difference is that the stakes in case of base-jumping include the jumper's life, while in gambling they are generally limited to financial loss.
    As life is something most of us wouldn’t put at stake, we rather choose to gamble.

    Escape from the Monotony
    "…nine to five, good at golf, washing the car, choice of sweaters, family Christmas, indexed pension, tax exemption, clearing gutters, getting by, looking ahead, the day you die."
    The famous dialogue from the movie Trainspotting is a realistic depiction of the kind of life most of us have become accustomed to. What would we not do to break the monotony?
    Gambling is the easiest of options. We escape to the conviviality of a casino or indulge in online betting to take our mind off the vicious cycle of everyday life.

    Chasing the Glamour
    Thanks to the Hollywood movies and the advertising industry, gambling is perceived as something hip and fashionable. Glitzy gambling halls,
    risqué beauties, tuxedo-clad pit bosses, and an up-market crowd of gamblers are some of the images that a mention of gambling conjures up in one's mind.
    Quite naturally, then, we head for the casino when we feel like being a part of the glitz and glamour associated with gambling.

    Social Reasons
    We think that gambling makes us look cool. A good casino is always perceived as a place to be seen in. Gambling is always in fashion, as it is the favorite pursuit of the rich and famous.
    It has become a part of our culture. Everyone gambles once in a while, and 'not gambling at all' might be perceived as weird in certain circles. When you are with friends,
    there are few activities as entertaining as gambling. A session at a blackjack or craps table can spice up your holiday. All these are reasons why we feel socially compelled to gamble from time to time.

    Addictive Gambling
    Last, but not the least, there are people for whom gambling becomes an obsessive-compulsive disorder. The reasons may be genetic or behavioral, but the symptoms are easy to identify.
    An inability to stop gambling even after successive losses, a willingness to bet everything in the pocket (and at home), losing track of the hours one is wasting, and becoming
    oblivious to the suffering that the family is going through as a result of one's irresponsible gambling behavior are some of the signs of gambling addiction, which much be cautioned against.

    Why do you gamble? Does one or several of the above reasons apply to you? Let us know in your comments.
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    I gamble for a few reasons I think. I gamble for something to do when I am bored. I gamble for the excitement of chasing those big wins and jackpots. I gamble because I like the games I and the bonus features. I don't feel as if an addiction is the reason I gamble as I never use money that is needed elsewhere. I am very cautious of how much time I am spending in front of the computer instead of doing other productive things in my life.

    I think gambling is lots of fun and when used responsibly can add enjoyment to anyone's life. It is the same to me as the people who play other online games only with casinos, you can walk away with some cold hard cash. There is so much variety in the amount of online games, there is truly something for everyone. I can understand as a gambler how easy it would be to lose control and lose the farm. I try to keep focused on the importance of money and how much it would be missed if I gambled it all away. Sometimes it is not easy.

    Having a game of cards at your house or going to the casino for a few hands can be all the same for some. No matter how you choose to gamble, you should make sure you keep it responsible. There will always be a next time :)
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