Why Slot Machines Are Fun

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    Everyone who enjoys the gambling scene enjoys playing the slot machines. Both those who are totally new to gambling and those who consider themselves seasoned gamblers enjoy a good game of slots.
    Interestingly, there is a great deal of psychology behind the reason we all like playing slots so much. If you are like us, you will find these fun facts about why slot machines are fun rather interesting.

    The interplay between the human psychology and gambling has been an ongoing topic among scientific circles for a very long time. Here is our look at the interesting quirks of the human psyche and
    how they relate to the ever-popular slot machines found in nearly every casino and online gambling forum out there.

    Design Appeal

    If you have ever walked into a casino, then you are well aware of the enticing nature of slot machines. Things have changed a lot since the first slot machine was invented by a small town mechanic
    in the year 1895. A slot machine is no longer a grey colored machine sitting in a corner somewhere offering the occasional reward of clattering quarters. No, slot machines are far different today.

    It is difficult to ignore the mesmerizing lure of a slot machine with its bright, flashing lights and comfortable seating. Not to mention the spinning, whirring pictures, sleek design, and bright colors. These
    audio-visual stimulants initiate a great deal of excitement within the human psyche, causing most slots players to remain glued to their station. The speed of the game of slots creates a sense of instant
    gratification within the human brain, releasing “happy” chemicals. Those chemicals are partly why gamblers so enjoy quick and rewarding games like slots. The jackpot may be relatively elusive; however,
    it would seem that gamblers get in the “groove” of the game and enjoy the process itself. The very act of slots, it appears, causes instant gratification in many cases - win or no win. Obviously, the slotmachines
    of the 21st century are horses of an entirely different color.

    Some people believe slot machine design and enticement to be a devious plot hatched by those in the gambling industry; however, designers intentionally designing their inventions to appeal is hardly bad
    etiquette. Some would argue that attractive slot machine design is no different than any other marketing endeavor. After all, marketing is all about catering to the individual emotions and wants of the public.
    In this sense, attractive slot machine design is no different than a well-designed poster advertising tacos.


    The Elusive Jackpot Appeal

    Let’s face it, slot machine odds are not the best odds out there. In fact, most gamblers who play slots realize that slot machine odds are not ideal when they sit down to play. Some people think that the reason
    behind this phenomenon is simply the elusiveness of the jackpot itself. If the jackpot were easy to win, then people may not keep trying with such persistence. For example, would you still want to play slots if
    every third person won? You would hardly feel as if you had hit the “lucky” jackpot. You might even feel as if you had just received a reward without “working” for it. So the next time you get frustrated about
    not winning anything at slots, just remember: at least you’re not winning every time.

    The “Machine Brain” Appeal

    Slots is a unique casino game because it allows users to play without forced social interaction. To many people, especially to those who are introverted, an abundance of social interaction can be overwhelming
    and even stressful. An introverted person is a person who expends energy when interacting with other people and who refills his or her energy tank when spending time alone doing something enjoyable.
    Therefore, introverted gamblers (which statistically make up about 50% of all gamblers) are drawn to games that are machine based instead of human based.

    Many people also enjoy playing slots because the “machine-like” nature of the game means that they can become machine-like themselves. They enjoy the ability to sit back and not make decisions for a
    while by simply pulling a level and letting the machine make all of the decisions for them. Since a game of slots does not require any skill, talent, or previous knowledge, it is an ideal game for those who
    have poor confidence or who are not yet ready to tackle more intimidating casino games.

    Slot machines are the number one gambling game in online gambling forums and casinos. There are a variety of reasons behind the “why” of slot machines, but we can say one thing for sure:
    gamblers like playing slots. Slot machines are fun. If you enjoy a casual night gambling, try out the slot machines the next time you stop in.
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    There are so many reasons why people like slot machines online. For me, I love the entertainment and the chance of cashing out a few bucks.
    Still torn between what software I play. Microgaming? RTG? Rival? BetonSoft? There are so many choices out there and I guess it depends
    on my mood. Nice read.
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