Will you be watching YouTube as much now?

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Jul 3, 2008
Now that Google is to be forced to make user information available to Viacom, will you be watching YouTube as much as before?

It seems likely that any (and all) user information and activity can be used in support of Viacom's copyright infringement lawsuit.

This also highlights, of course, the fact that all of our activity on the Internet may be subject to scrutiny. Nothing is private or can be deemed to be secret. If the FBI decided that you were worthy of investigation for something you wrote on MyLot in an unguarded moment, for example, they could very quickly have a record of EVERYWHERE you have been on the Internet (including private emails)!

How worried are you about this?
you know I hate to repeat what others have already posted but I have just never gotten into YouTube the way others do. maybe I am just old but I have too much going on in my own life to pay attention to what others are doing with their free time and posting on the Web. Sorry- will not affect me much at all.
I think youtube definitly needs some regulation..I don´t want to see my kids watch all the BS there. There´s much violence and porn available!:sad:

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