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    So upon registering, I received some poker bonus tickets. I end up using them and had 1 cent poker ticket left.I won nothing from those tickets. not even a penny. I played slots and hit a jackpot and I tried to withdrawl about 3400. when I asked rep at first, they said I had a poker bonus but since I didn't accumulate anything from them, then I am able to remove it......10 seconds later they told me to log off and log back on, which I did and now "another" rep informs me that I have to wager..Long story short, I ended up losing all the funds and found out they had tricked me..this has happened since aug/2017 and I will show u guys 100% proof, but they still wont resolve it. They haven't even responded to Ibas, because they know I showed ibas the proof. take a look,

    ary 7, 2:36 AMu see what i mean
    January 7, 2:36 AMPlease refrain from using profanity here on live chat, Vinh.
    January 7, 2:36 AMu guys admit it was ur fault
    January 7, 2:36 AMwhy r u telling me it was explained to me and now u know
    January 7, 2:37 AMu guys know it ws ur fault for lying to me when i tried to cash out
    January 7, 2:37 AMso why doesnt ur manager fix this problem? like a real casino?
    January 7, 2:38 AMIt was already been discussed to you many times that you failed to cashout your funds.The terms and how you can complete this was explained to you. However you have lost your funds from continuous play.
    January 7, 2:38 AMthx for the evidence too...this is gonna be sweet
    January 7, 2:38 AMso wat r u apologizing for?
    January 7, 2:38 AMwhat was explained to me?
    January 7, 2:39 AMFor providing you an incorretcinformation.
    January 7, 2:39 AMcan u explain it now to me
    January 7, 2:39 AMIncorrect information*
    January 7, 2:39 AM
    Is there anything else I can assist you with?
    January 7, 2:39 AMlol?
    January 7, 2:39 AMu jus said i failed to cash out
    January 7, 2:39 AMand then u told me u provided false information
    January 7, 2:39 AMlol?
    January 7, 2:40 AMIt regards to the wagering requirements.
    January 7, 2:40 AMso did i fail to cash out or wager or did u guys fail to provide correct information? which one is it?
    January 7, 2:40 AMTo fail to cash out however, you have lost your funds from continuous play.
    January 7, 2:40 AMyea so kindly please tell me at the time i wanted to cash out why was i told to wager on for which bonus??
    January 7, 2:41 AMyea and do u know why i lost my funds from continous play?
    January 7, 2:41 AMu do know why right?
    January 7, 2:41 AMSorry for that but please note if you have a promotion, read the terms and condition for confusion.
    January 7, 2:41 AMlisten, i know terms and rules
    January 7, 2:41 AMi tried to make the withdrawl
    January 7, 2:42 AMwhy r u guys lying telling me i cant cash out?
    January 7, 2:42 AMUpon checking that you don't have enough balance to withdraw.
    January 7, 2:42 AMOBVIOUSLY
    January 7, 2:42 AMdo u know why?
    January 7, 2:42 AMi was lied to so i thought i had to playwhen i didnt
    January 7, 2:42 AMbut its clear u can see that i tried to withdrawl on ur record
    January 7, 2:43 AMand ur telling me its my fault? r u serious?
    January 7, 2:43 AMu guys can make ur lame excuse if i actauly kept playing without trying to WITHDRAWL
    January 7, 2:43 AMbut on record you can see that a withdrawl was made yea?
    January 7, 2:44 AMSorry for the confusion.
    January 7, 2:44 AMso dont use those fairy tale tactics on me
    January 7, 2:44 AMYes we can check it in our end.
    January 7, 2:44 AMoh u guys will be sorry alrite
    January 7, 2:44 AMOkay.

    So u can see they have admitted it right? however I, then, spoke to the supervisor and.....

    anuary 8, 2:21 AMits funny tho because when i tried to withdrawl, rep told me they can remove the poker ticket since i made nothing from poker, but 2 minutes later one of u supervisors told him to tell me i couldnt? something very funny about that
    January 8, 2:21 AMI checked the chats and the email and I can confirm that what Robert discussed was correct.
    January 8, 2:21 AMand u know whats even more funny? u guys actualy remove the poker ticket for me when i was down to 65 bucks..why?
    January 8, 2:21 AMThis was also explained to you on your previous contacts about your withdrawal attempt.
    January 8, 2:22 AMok so explain to me what was lucy talking about when she told me i was given the wrong information?
    January 8, 2:22 AMI'll be dealing with the incident with Alyssa to identify how that information was provided.
    January 8, 2:23 AMu guys removed the bonus when i had 65 dollars left
    January 8, 2:23 AMand i still had my money
    January 8, 2:23 AMIn any case, you already lost all your funds with your own decision to continue playing with the funds.
    January 8, 2:23 AMobviously thats a lie
    January 8, 2:24 AMyea? so because i had a 1 cent poker ticket that i won nothing from, i cant remove it or i lose my winnings correct?
    January 8, 2:24 AMis that right?
    January 8, 2:24 AMWe've also advised you that should you wish to take this matter further, you can contact our Second Opinion Team.
    January 8, 2:24 AMur the supervisor, answer the question
    January 8, 2:25 AMis it right that i cant remove the ticket or my winnings or gone?
    January 8, 2:25 AMyes or no
    January 8, 2:26 AMwhats wrong? u dont wanna get into detail?
    January 8, 2:28 AMIf you have accepted any of our bonuses, whether it be the Casino side game bonuses or the CGT tickets, you will need to complete a certain amount of wagering before you can withdraw.
    January 8, 2:28 AMYou won't be able to get your winnings unless this is complied.
    January 8, 2:28 AMyea? ok show me where in ur terms it says that
    January 8, 2:28 AMNow, if you wish to remove those active bonuses, you will lose whatever winnings you earned from those.
    January 8, 2:28 AMyea yea..please show me in ur terms and ill accept it
    January 8, 2:29 AMThe details of our promotions terms can be checked.
    January 8, 2:32 AMSince I've not heard back from you, I'll close the chat session. Let us know if you need anything else. Thank you.
    January 8, 2:32 AMSupervisor Sheann has disconnected.

    Now she is telling me that I was advised correctly? hmm? she sends me the link to the terms and service, without showing me anywhere the rules which applied to my case, and before I can question her, she says something like " No response so i have to disconnect" when she knows I am lookin at the rules. Who plays here, will know if you havent replied, They will say "are we still connected?", This supervisor ran like the roadrunner because she couldnt answer me. neways, She advised me correctly, right? WRONG, I went to support chat and posed as someone else and asked about the rules........

    January 13, 11:37 PMi am reading in ur terms and it doesnt specifically mention that?

    January 13, 11:38 PM
    It's your decision , if you want to remove the bonus Jason.

    January 13, 11:38 PM
    As long as you didn't touch it , you may remove it.
    January 13, 11:38 PMbut if i remove it then my other winnings r gone?
    January 13, 11:39 PMyea but i mean i used some of the tickets fo rfun and didnt win in poker

    January 13, 11:39 PM
    You can remove it as long as you don't have funds in your poker account.
    January 13, 11:40 PMdont u think thats silly that i cant remove them? because on the terms it doesnt say " once you accept bonus terms, you are required to wager once u use the tickets, even if u dont accumulate nothing from them"

    January 13, 11:40 PM
    Because if you do have funds and you started the tickets or bonus , your winnings from the bonus will automatically remove.
    January 13, 11:40 PMyea so if i have no funds from the poker but have funds in my sports betting account

    January 13, 11:41 PM
    Yes, you can remove it.
    January 13, 11:41 PMand if i wanna remove it then its alll winnings gone?
    January 13, 11:41 PMoo cuz i thought earlier u said that i cant?

    January 13, 11:41 PM
    Poker and main account is different, so you may remove it.

    January 13, 11:41 PM
    I'm sorry for the confusion.
    January 13, 11:41 PMooo ok but ur sure this is the rules right?
    January 13, 11:42 PMbecause i dont wanna get confused

    January 13, 11:43 PM
    We have different terms and conditions in every promotion.
    January 13, 11:44 PMoo ok but as far as the free poker bonus tickets..the one u get from signing up at william hill
    January 13, 11:44 PMi can remove them if i used them but never won nething right? and my winnings from slots or sports betting will remain?

    January 13, 11:45 PM
    Yes, as long as you don't have real money in your poker account.
    January 13, 11:45 PMawesome
    January 13, 11:46 PMthanks so much for ur help and time marge, i appreciate ....take care

    WTF.........u still agree they are an honest casino? so they admitted it and wont solve the problem, Then backtracked and tried to pretend I was advised correctly, And then I caught them again, but guess what? They don't reply....And ill be honest, I have been contacting them and been rude and swore at them, but only after I kept trying to be nice and show them what they are doing is wrong and to try to solve things. Be very careful of these con artists.
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    Welcome to BonusParadise @igotthis

    I am very sorry for your bad experience! YES William Hill is not anymore what it was.
    In fact we as affiliates have been treated bad too and we had to remove William Hill.

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