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Jun 1, 2008
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Third Bullet Poker rewards each and every player that plays cash games in their poker room with this awesome Gold Card promotion! When a cash table earns a certain amount of rake on a table, one lucky player will randomly win a gold card at that table. The bigger the stakes you play, the more often gold cards will be released.

What can you do with Gold Cards?

Tournament Buyins: Use your gold cards to enter special tournaments throughout the month.

Cash Prizes: Sometimes, the daily gold card prize could be simply cold, hard cash! thats right, if you have the certain card or cards that day or month, they can be redeemed for different amounts of cash!

Gold Card Daily Lottery: Every day, when you log into your account, be sure to check out what the daily lottery has chosen for you to win with your gold cards that day. Could be a cash prize, or it could be an entry into a special tournament such as the Aussie Millions Final satellite!

The Gold Card 500: The Gold Card 500 is just as it sounds. Its a weekly race that could win you up to $500 each week, if you finish in the top 10 in points at the end of the week. Each gold card you recieve is worth miles around the track.

Gold Card $52,000 Jackpot: Collecting gold cards just keeps getting better at Third Bullet Poker. Simply be the 1st to collect the whole series 3 set, and you will win a jackpot worth $52,000 just like bulldozer and flawless did in series 1 and 2!

There are many ways as you can see to win with this
Awesome gold card promotion. Play your favorite cash games tables today
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