Win $2500 With Wass Poker's Gridiron Grind Promotion!

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    Don't Know Anything About Football? It Doesn't Matter, Because All You Have To Do Is Play Poker To Have A Chance Of Winning $2500. Simply Play Your Favorite Cash Game Or Tournaments, Earn Comp Points And Win Extra Money.

    How Does It Work?

    Get a "1st down" and get $5 cash. Each down you get you receive $5 instant cash and when you score a touchdown you get a huge $50 bonus. After you score you first touchdown the next 5 downs are worth $10 and then they double to $20! Your second touchdown will earn you a cool $150 bonus, keep running downs and play your way to an extra $2500 in cash!

    Prize Levels:

    Level 1 Comp Points Prize
    1st Down 5,000 CP's $5
    2nd Down 5,000 CP's $5
    3rd Down 5,000 CP's $5
    4th Down 5,000 CP's $5
    5th Down 5,000 CP's $5
    6th Down 5,000 CP's $5
    7th Down 5,000 CP's $5
    8th Down 5,000 CP's $5
    9th Down 5,000 CP's $5
    TouchDown 5,000 CP's $5

    Total 50,000 CP's $50
    TouchDown Bonus $50

    Level 2 Comp Points Prize
    1st Down 10,000 CP's $10
    2nd Down 10,000 CP's $10
    3rd Down 10,000 CP's $10
    4th Down 10,000 CP's $10
    5th Down 10,000 CP's $10
    6th Down 10,000 CP's $20
    7th Down 10,000 CP's $20
    8th Down 10,000 CP's $20
    9th Down 10,000 CP's $20
    TouchDown 10,000 CP's $20
    Total 100,000 CP's $150
    TouchDown Bonus $250

    Level 3 Comp Points Prize
    1st Down 20,000 CP's $50
    2nd Down 20,000 CP's $50
    3rd Down 20,000 CP's $75
    4th Down 20,000 CP's $75
    5th Down 20,000 CP's $75
    6th Down 25,000 CP's $100
    7th Down 25,000 CP's $100
    8th Down 25,000 CP's $125
    9th Down 25,000 CP's $150
    TouchDown 25,000 CP's $200
    Total 225,000 CP's $1,000
    TouchDown Bonus $1,000

    Scoring All 3 Touchdowns Earns You $2500!

    Players will earn comp points to complete a first down.. for every 10 yards (1st down) they achieve, a corresponding bonus will be paid.

    Score a touchdown and the player wins a TD bonus prize

    Players can score a total of 3 x touchdowns

    Total cash prizes to be won = $2,500

    Total Cp's to win all bonus cash = 375,000 cp's

    Terms & Conditions

    As a member of WassPoker, herein "the Promotion", you are bound by the following Terms and Conditions:

    1. The promotion will run from September 1-30 2008 (inclusive).
    2. At midnight (server time) on September 30 2008 WassPoker will cease counting comp points towards task requirements and any points earned after this time will not count towards this promotion.
    3. Please allow up to 1 hour from completion of comp point requirement until cash prize is credited to your player account. All players must adhere to standard rules and practices of an individual poker game.
    4. This includes but is not limited to colluding with other players to gain an advantage otherwise unattainable by single players, and completing tasks with the assistance of others including Comp Point earnings.
    5. Any player found to be abusing such practices will be ineligible for promotional prizes and may have their account closed.
    6. All cash prizes will be paid via Freeroll Winnings coupons, which restricts the bonus cash from being withdrawn for 7 days.
    7. Bonus cash can be played at the tables immediately.
    8. Players can win all 30 cash prizes and all 3 bonus prizes, but must complete all the comp point requirements for all 30 medals.
    9. Comp points will only count towards one medal's comp point requirements at a time.
    10. Any comp points earned from side games between September 1-30 2008 (00:00 Server Time) will not count towards medals and comp point requirements.
    11. All players must meet WassPoker Terms & Conditions, and WassPoker reserves the right to modify these rules at any time, and for any reason, at its sole discretion.
    12. A Breach of the Terms will result in instant removal from the Promotion

    Score Some Touchdowns With WassPoker​

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