Win a Million in Mega Money Wheel Exclusive at CasinoRewards Casinos



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Nov 18, 2022
Mega Money wheel exclusive at the Casino Rewards Group Casinos

Only for casino rewards! Mega Money wheel. Who doesn't love the wheel of fortune? Casino Rewards knows how to respond to this very well! There have been game shows in land-based casinos, on television or in online casinos for years. This continues to attract humanity! Everyone wants to spin the money wheel where you can win!
Of course it remains a game of chance, but the feeling that you have a chance to win makes it interesting for people!

Of course, over the years the odds of winning big have improved significantly thanks to all the little improvements, added bonuses and advanced technology.
With Mega Money Wheel you can win the amount that is 50.000x your stake!
There are moments when you think! Yes Now I win ! And then let's hope that luck is next to you!

About this game

This is a wheel-based game that gives the player the chance to win up to 50,000x.
It includes Mega Money Hunt, Pick a Prize and Mega Money Wheel Bonus.
You just need to indicate the total number of credits you want to wager per spin.
Your bet consists of the credits you stake.
Select the Spin button to start the spin on the displayed stake.
The Mega Money Wheel spins and you keep your fingers crossed for luck and then stops, after which the result is displayed.

Choose a price

You should Collect 25 Silver Crown tokens to activate the Pick a Prize feature.
There is no payout associated with landing on the Silver Crown segment.
You are guaranteed to win a cash prize when you play the Pick a Prize feature. How nice is that
Open 3 gift boxes to reveal and win the cash prize hidden in each gift box.
Quick Reveal automatically collects up to 3 gift boxes for you.

Mega money chase

You must collect 30 star tokens to activate the Mega Money Wheel bonus.
A star token is automatically awarded at the start of the game
There is no immediate payout associated with the Star token.
When the last star token is collected, the average bet is used to activate the Mega Money Wheel bonus.
After the Mega Money Hunt activates the Mega Money Wheel Bonus and completes 1 spin, the player will receive 1 star token. Exciting!

Mega Money Wheel Bonus

The Mega Money Wheel bonus can be activated by landing on the CR or by completing the Mega Money Hunt.
When you activate this, Mega Money Wheel Bonus will be spun once to instantly win the cash value shown on the segment.
The MEGA payout in the Mega Money Wheel Bonus is always 1,000,000.00.
The MAJOR payout is always 500 times the bet size used in the base game to activate the feature.
The MINI payout is always 100 times the stake used in the base game to activate the feature.
The RTP of this game is 96.17%
I haven't played these types of games myself yet. But this still seems interesting to me, so I'll definitely give it a try! Good luck everyone and may the force be with you!

Try it out at the Casino Rewards group where you can choose out from 28 Online Casinos!

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